FIFA 23 FUT trader explains how they “broke the cycle” of Ultimate Team addiction

Jake Nichols
FUT 23 trader overcomes addiction

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team (FUT) can be exhilarating for football fans, but the thrill can quickly spiral into obsession, driven by FIFA Points. One player, “SAF Cal,” was caught in this addictive loop but found a way to break free.

SAF Cal who goes by ‘sbc_tips’ on Twitter, detailed his journey from being a FIFA Points addict to becoming a FUT trader. The addictive cycle of purchasing FIFA Points for a chance at packing high-rated players was a road he knew all too well.

However, a deeper understanding of EA’s terms of service coupled with a strong will to change gave him a new perspective. His message resonated with a young player battling a similar issue, which sparked a conversation about the often-overlooked addiction to in-game purchases.

In a candid conversation shared on Twitter, SAF Cal described how he overcame his addiction to FIFA Points — a problem that spiraled him “worse than gambling ever did.”

Cal’s method was straightforward. He studied EA’s terms of service and understood that despite the real money spent on FIFA Points, he never actually owned anything. The players, coins, and consumables were simply on loan from EA, a revelation that shifted his view toward these in-game purchases.

The realization that the game’s cycle was yearly and that past successes were quickly forgotten also aided his recovery.

He stated, “That coupled with knowing the FIFA cycle is yearly and that no one cares about the previous game cycle and what team you built, made FIFA Points redundant for me.”

Transitioning from a FIFA Points spender to a FUT trader became his strategy. By trading, he could still build impressive FIFA teams without spending a considerable amount of real money.

The thread prompted a vigorous discussion among other players who also struggle with FIFA Points addiction. While some acknowledged the issue, opinions varied on the responsibilities of players and EA in mitigating this.

This conversation gains more relevance as EA transitions to its new football game, EA FC 24, after its contract with FIFA expired. The new game will continue to feature FUT mode, raising questions about the future of in-game purchases and their potential for addiction.

Cal’s story shines a light on the often-overlooked problem of in-game purchase addiction.