FIFA 23 Elite players slam “impossible” Homegrown Eleven challenge

van dijk passing ball in fifa 23EA SPORTS

FIFA 23 Future Stars Promo added a new set of swaps tokens, but players are struggling to complete one of the required challenges.

FIFA 23’s annual Team of the Year promo is almost in the books, and Future Stars is next on the schedule. The event awards epically boosted cards to football’s next class of superstars. Community members have praised the promo in previous FIFA games for being one of the most exciting.

Future Stars puts a spotlight on players currently aged 23 and under. In past seasons stars like Jude Bellingham and Kai Havertz received cards before they broke out onto the scene. FIFA 23’s iteration also includes swap tokens, which can be earned by completing SBCs, objectives, or playing matches.

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The Future Stars swaps tokens rewards include a Prime Icon player pick, Mid George Best, Player Moments Coutinho, and more.

However, a difficult objective is proving to be too much of an insurmountable roadblock for some in the community.

FIFA 23 players can’t get past Homegrown Eleven friendly challenge

EA Sports
FIFA 23’s Homegrown Eleven Online Friendlies playlist requires 18 first-owned players.

Winning seven out of 12 matches in the Homegrown Eleven Online Friendly mode unlocks a Future Star swaps token.

The limited-time game mode forces players to use 18 first-owned players in the starting 11 and on the bench. Some community members believe that only using SBC and pack-pulled cards provides players an unfair advantage.

A frustrated FIFA 23 player took to Reddit and asked if EA expects players to be able to complete the challenge.

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Some FIFA 23 players accused the mode of being pay to win, as one user argued, “buying lots of packs from the store increases your chances of getting cards to compete in this game mode.”

One player responded, “What’s crazy is that it’s mathematically not even possible for the entire Player base to get this token.”

A second user added, “very disappointed with EA for this. Let people get tokens and have fun. I offered my last 2 matches. I hope I made someone happy, at least. Games were as sweaty as rivals or WL.”

Completing SBCs is an easy way to earn powerful first-owned players. So build up your best starting 11 and give this challenge a try for yourself.

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