FIFA 23 care package trend takes over TikTok and fans love it

FIFA 23 care package trend

A new TikTok trend has taken over the platform, as creators prepared ‘care packages’ for their significant other ahead of FIFA 23’s release.

After weeks of waiting, FIFA 23 finally arrived on September 30, bringing a range of exciting new features to the pitch.

Before being renamed EA Sports FC next year, the developers have been hard at work to bring brand-new Hypermotion 2 technology, as well as a bunch of improvements to the game’s existing content — such as cross-platform play.

However, it’s fair to say that FIFA 23’s launch has been far from smooth, as many were left frustrated with server issues and stability problems during its pre-release.

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Nonetheless, a new trend has emerged from FIFA’s launch, as TikTokers prepared “care packages” for their significant others to be able to play the new game without interruption.

FIFA 23 TikTok care package trend

On September 29, just a day before FIFA’s official release, TikTok creator @ameliawilsonn_ recorded herself preparing a care package for her boyfriend — which caught the attention of millions.

In the short video, the creator filled a box full of snacks and beverages to the brim for her significant other, including Doritos, chocolate, alcohol, and strangely even a tin of custard.

The TikToker also designed and printed a ‘FIFA 23 care package’ label to put on the front of the box.

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Other creators followed, similarly making their own care package box for the new FIFA release, also consisting of drinks and snacks to keep them going throughout the weekend.

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Some poked fun at the weird selection of snacks, while others showed appreciation for the TikTok creators.

“Gorgeous gesture, very well deserved too! Keep doing you,” one user wrote. “Absolutely love this, such a thoughtful idea,” another added.

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