FIFA 23 players slam broken $90 Day One edition: “Money first, people second”

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FIFA 23 players have been left fuming with the state of the game on day one with fans furious over the servers which have been described as “shambles.”

The Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23 provides players with 3-Day Early Access, a ton of FIFA Points to use in the game’s popular Ultimate Team mode, and various other benefits.

However, despite the allure of being able to play the game much earlier, there are generally always issues in the first couple of days, and FIFA 23 has proven to be no exception.

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Extreme server issues and stability problems have left FIFA players frustrated as the Ultimate Edition of the game costs significantly more than the base game, resulting in players asking for compensation.

FIFA 23 players slam broken Ultimate Team servers

“Servers being down this long makes Ultimate Edition and Early Access a bit of a joke for those that paid for it,” was the title of one clearly angry FIFA 23 Reddit post.

The user would go on to say that they “Lost 3 World Class SB matches that I won and then it disconnected before I realized servers were down” and also that the Ultimate Edition “Wasnt worth £83.”

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This equates to $90 and it starts to become clear why so many of the player base is angry over the problems.

The majority of commenters on the post were unanimous in their disapproval of the state of the game already: “So many people finishing days at work/school and genuinely looking forward to FIFA as an escape for the full night and greeted to this. Guarantee they won’t do one thing about either. Sorry to everyone who was looking forward to it!” one user said.

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Whereas another user chimed in: “Mate it’s EA games. Money first, people second.”

Interestingly, it’s not just casual players who are exasperated over the situation as popular FIFA YouTuber and streamer Jack McDermott AKA PieFace also chimed in: “Rival down again, servers a shambles, price ranges a joke. I think it’s fair to say if you bought FIFA 23 for early access there really should be some sort of compensation for players.”

This is quite the statement from a highly respected member of the FIFA community and it does seem like a fair point given that people have paid to play a game early that isn’t working.

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EA has been known to compensate players for issues that have occurred to them and this can be in the form of a free FUT Draft Token or even free packs — we’ll have to wait and see.

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