FIFA 22 players slam “greedy” EA over promo mini-releases

Nathan Warby
FIFA 22 Foden with Fofana card

In FIFA 22, EA have begun dropping mini-releases of new players in each promo event, giving players more cards to bolster their squad with. However, many FUT users feel this is actually a money-making tactic, designed to separate fans from their cash.

Promotions are a vital part of FIFA 22, and one of the biggest reasons that millions of FUT users come flooding back week after week. Regular players normally have solid gold teams after a few weeks of playing, so promo cards become the best way to drastically improve a squad.

However, in this year’s game, EA SPORTS have changed up their approach in releasing special items like Rulebreakers or Winter Wildcards. Not only does a full team drop on Fridays, but a small mini-release comes a couple of days later.

While some players may welcome the extra injection of special cards, others feel it is a desperate ploy from EA to make even more money.

FIFA 22 Healdiners Team 2
Altogether, there have been four separate Headliners releases.

The most recent Headliners event brought two full squads of new cards which have shaken up the FIFA 22 meta once again. But EA’s decision to once again release three extra players after the full team hits packs has riled the community.

When you consider that some promos this year have featured two main teams, each followed by a mini-release, you can see why. Some of the cards that have come in these extra batches have been expensive, meta players that would have been more than worthy of a spot in the main team.

One of the players included in the latest mini-release was Headliners Fofana, an incredibly overpowered card that will be highly sought-after. Reddit user “murdoch-” slammed the move, calling it a “greedy” tactic from EA that is “hurting the consumer.”

Each new rollout of special cards sees an uptake in the number of packs that are opened, and FIFA Points bought. Players seem to feel bringing out exceptional cards away from the usual Friday release day is a way of enticing people to splash the cash a second time.

EA first began this new schedule at the beginning of FIFA 22, and have shown no signs of changing ever since. “Frustratingly, it probably does make them more money and it will probably be the new norm,” said one reply.

As we move into the second half of FIFA 22’s lifespan, and with Team of the Year on the horizon, fans will be hoping that EA take a more user-friendly approach going forward. Whether it means releasing the extra cards as an SBC, or simply including them in the main release.