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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team changes leaked: FUT Champs & Division Rivals

Published: 28/Jul/2020 11:15 Updated: 28/Jul/2020 12:57

by Connor Bennett


Ultimate Team looks set to undergo a few changes in FIFA 21 after leaks have revealed tweaks to both Division Rivals and FUT Champs competitions.

With FIFA 21 on the horizon, we’re at that point where leaks start to crop up even though everyone is a little skeptical about what they hear or see. 

EA SPORTS have been striking down FIFA 21 content that has been shared online of late – with the main one coming from a game between Liverpool and Manchester City. In these leaked videos, fans who saw them before they were taken down got a glimpse at the supposed new start screen, menus, and a touch of gameplay. 

Even though the leaks have quickly dried up since then, some fans have been able to uncover new details about changes supposedly coming in Ultimate Team.

fut division rivals menu
Division Rivals is one of FIFA’s competitive matchmaking modes.

FIFA 21 Division Rivals changes

A photo posted by the FUT21BetaLeaks Twitter account revealed that Division Rivals looks set for a bit of an overhaul. 

According to the description shown in the image, players will have 40 games to build up their weekly ranking. However, you won’t be locked out of Division Rivals once you’ve played those 40 games. 

Apparently, you will be able to continue on past the new limit to build up additional skill and FUT Champions points. Yet, you won’t be able to change your Division Rivals ranking if you’ve completed the 40 games.

FIFA 21 FUT Champs changes

On top of that, FUT Donk – a popular Ultimate Team leaker – noted that when it comes to Weekend League, the Top 100 will be no more. 

Instead, the top rank is set to expand to the Top 200. This would, no doubt, change the payout when it comes to weekly rewards but will also allow players who barely miss out on on the Top 100 to finally get their moment in the sun.

Obviously, with this information stemming from the beta, it might not be locked in. EA will be testing things and could change it ahead of the early access release. 

We’ll just have to wait and see what they’ve got up their sleeve.


How to complete Talisca Rulebreakers SBC in FIFA 21: cheapest solutions

Published: 27/Oct/2020 19:29 Updated: 27/Oct/2020 19:31

by Nate Searl


Another Squad Building Challenge is live for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team’s Rulebreakers – this time for Anderson Talisca – and we’ve got the requirements, solutions, in-game stats, and everything else you need to unlock it.

FIFA 21’s Rulebreakers cards are introducing new ways to play with certain players. The latest edition to the Rulebreakers club is Anderson Talisca, the Brazilian CAM for Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao F.C.

Talisca has always been a relatively popular card in FIFA considering the league he plays in; many love the versatility of the Brazilian and all of the attacking prowess he possesses.

Talisca Rulebreakers: in-game stats

FIFA 21 Talisca Rulebreakers SBC
EA Sports
In-game stats for Talisca’s Rulebreakers SBC card in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team FUT

Normally an 82-rated CAM, Talisca’s base gold card gets a big upgrade to an 84-rated CAM. The Rulebreakers item has an impressive 87 pace with a 91 Acceleration. and given how important pace is in FIFA 21, this helps give him a huge edge over defenders.

The Brazilian also gets a slight increase in his shooting, passing, defense, and dribbling attributes, which should more than compensate for the slight hit to his physical attribute. As a CAM, thse offensive upgrades are certainly desirable.

Talisca Rulebreakers SBC requirements, solutions, cost

This SBC only has one squad you need to build, and FIFA database website FUTBIN estimates it to cost around 60,000 coins on PS4, 70,000 on Xbox One, and 70,000 on Origin PC.

Anderson Talisca:

  • Number of players from Brazil: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 85
  • Team Chemistry: Min 60
  • Number of players in the squad: 11

Here is the cheapest solution for the SBC which doesn’t use any position-change cards and doesn’t require loyalty:

FIFA 21 Anderson Talisca SBC FUT
Cheapest solution for the Anderson Talisca Rulebreakers SBC in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team FUT

Is this SBC worth doing?

Talisca’s Rulebreakers card is definitely good individually, but unfortunately, he plays in a region that isn’t commonplace in FUT. Still, he is Brazilian so he has some good chemistry links with popular players like Neymar Jr, and he’s also a CAM with a high pace attribute, which is always valuable.

Ultimately, this Rulebreaker card is very good, and probably worth investing in. You should be able to find uses for it and get some decent chemistry links with his Brazilian nationality.

You don’t have to make a decision right away; the SBC is around until Tuesday, November 3, so you have a week to decide if you think he’s worth the investment.