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FIFA 21 Freeze promo teaser potentially leaks: Is FUTMAS canceled?

Published: 9/Dec/2020 17:09

by Alex Garton


A mysterious Freeze promo teaser has FIFA 21 players concerned that the fan-favorite Christmas event FUTMAS has been canceled for 2021.

Since FIFA 21 ‘s release on October 6, the game has hosted a range of exciting promos including Halloween, Black Friday, and Rulebreakers. These FUT events give players a chance to get their hands on new and unique content with exclusive SBC’s.

However, no promo is quite as popular as EA’s yearly FUTMAS event that runs over the entire Christmas period.

Well, a Freeze promo teaser circulating online has FIFA fans worried that FUTMAS may be replaced this time around.

The FUTMAS promo is usually announced in the second week of December.

FIFA 21: Has FUTMAS been canceled?

FIFA’s annual FUTMAS event is loved by fans of the game and the possibility that it may not return this year won’t be a popular prospect.


Those who believe the new teaser is actually real may think such an eventuality is plausible, as FIFA mobile’s Christmas event is called the Freeze promo and has been since its release. This transition to a new name could be EA attempting to rebrand the promo and potentially add new features – or, it’s totally fake.

Some fans have suggested that EA may have simply changed the name but the features of FUTMAS will remain the same: “I think it’s the same thing but with a different name because some people don’t celebrate Christmas.”

Other FIFA players have proposed that FUTMAS may still be on its way and that the Freeze promo could just be a build-up event. FUTRORY on Twitter pointed out that FUTMAS could potentially start on December 18, leaving enough room for a quick Freeze.


It’s worth taking this Freeze promo with a pinch of salt as we’ve had no confirmation from EA that FUTMAS will not be returning.

However, it’s not too much of a stretch to believe that with the release of FIFA 21 onto next-gen that EA may be trying something new.

We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed that an update comes soon on what to expect from the Christmas promo. Until then, really, there’s no reason to suspect anything other than a FUTMAS return.