FIFA 21 unsaveable shot exploit discovered in Ultimate Team

Jacob Hale
FIFA 21 shooting

A simple FIFA 21 exploit has been found in Ultimate Team that makes shots unsaveable, leaving FUT Champs players worried about how many times they might see this in the Weekend League. 

Some members of the community probably aren’t as clinical in front of goal as they would like to be. Sometimes, you miss shots that you know should have put you in the lead, and it’s always a demoralizing feeling losing a match where you had plenty of opportunities to take the lead.

This broken shot exploit — albeit a little poor on the sportsmanship side of things — makes almost every shot perfect, and it’s not even that hard to do.

So, whether you’ve been affected by this or are desperate to get more goals, this exploit is definitely going to pique your interest.

FIFA 21 aubameyang shot arsenal v man city
Everybody wants to put away their chances in FIFA 21.

In case you’re not already aware: chip shots are very powerful in FIFA 21. They’re humiliating, but there’s a way to make them even worse for your opponent.

As demonstrated below by FIFA content creator NepentheZ, chip shots are good… but if you flick the ball in the air first, it makes it so they can almost never miss.

As long as the ball is in the air, the chip shot should easily be out of reach of the goalkeeper and hit the back of the net, and it looks like this has been an issue for a while now.

Back in October, mr_kap_ on Reddit showcased that this is a very regular occurrence, calling the exploit “stupidly broken” and in need of a patch.

Obviously, it hasn’t yet been fixed, and it’s not yet clear whether EA SPORTS are even aware of it. There’s no sign of it on their official Trello board, which would suggest a patch isn’t yet on the way.

Hopefully they will pick up on it soon and fix the issue, as this is most definitely something that should not be happening, especially with the insane consistency and accuracy it has.

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