FIFA 20 Web App Release Date | FUT Webstart Trading Guide

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The FIFA 20 Web App release date is coming soon, with the application expected to become available worldwide on Wednesday, September 18, 2019. This would be right before the game’s official early launch via EA Access, offering Ultimate Team users a chance to open returning user packs and trade on the FUT transfer market.

Historically, the FIFA Web App has offered users the very first opportunity to interact with each new title and start building their FUT squad. Although coin totals will initially be significantly limited due to the restriction of not being able to play matches, if you follow the trading methods detailed in this guide, you should be able to build a respectable squad ready for launch.

The FUT Web App is a great tool to use all year round, however, right at the start of each Ultimate Team cycle is when you can get the very most out of it. For example, if you are playing the game via EA Access and don’t want to waste your ten hours of playtime on trading and squad building, you can simply conserve your time and do all this on the FIFA 20 Web Application.

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FIFA 20 Web App Trading Guide

FIFA 20 Web App Login Screen Concept

The following information and FUT 20 Web App trading methods should help you to gain a better understanding of what to expect during this year’s FIFA 20 Ultimate Team launch, as well as providing you with easy ways to make coins during FUT Webstart.

Release Date & Schedule

First of all, let’s take a closer look at the past and expected release schedule of FIFA 20:

  • EA Playtesting (UK & Canada): March-June, 2019
  • Closed Beta Testing: August 9-22, 2019
  • Downloadable Demo: September 10, 2019
  • Web App Launch: September 18, 2019
  • EA Access/Origin Access: September 19, 2019
  • Special Editions (Early Access): September 24, 2019
  • Official Release Date: September 27, 2019

How to Access The FIFA Web App Early

Last year, only returning FIFA Ultimate Team players were given access to FUT Webstart. Although rules may be different this time, users were previously required to:

  • Set a security question before August 1
  • Play at least ten FUT matches on the same account
  • Enable login verification (Origin → Account → Security → Login Verification)
  • Confirm login verification by text or email

How to Make Coins During FUT 20 Webstart

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team FUT Squad Management

FIFA coins are never more valuable than they are at the start of each new FUT cycle. This is ultimately due to the scarcity of them, which also means that player prices are extremely high. By following these tips, you can maximise prior to and during the game’s release:

EA Access Trial Time

The FIFA 20 Web App should be used for pretty much all trading, squad management and the completion of SBCs (Squad Building Challenges). We highly recommend that you only use your EA Access trial time for playing FUT matches.

Coin Boosts

Following on from the previous point, you must activate coin boosts within the EASFC Catalogue. Make sure that you apply the 1,000 coin boost items first (start with the highest and work your way back to the lower ones). Accumulating as many coins as possible early on is key to getting ahead of the crowd and giving yourself enough to trade effectively.

Returning User Packs

Depending on your playtime during FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, you will be rewarded with Returning User packs. We recommend making a judgement call whether or not to sell the players in these. Consider their overall rating, stats, and competition in their specific league/position group. Keep an eye out on our Twitter for future updates on this.

FUT Web App Daily Gifts

Daily Gifts are expected to be available following the initial launch of this year’s Web Application. Make sure that you remember to login each day to open these, if you don’t you will miss them and they will disappear. These generally offer free FUT coins, as well as a range of free packs.

Starter Objectives & SBCs

Starter Objectives and Squad Building Challenges are a great way to earn easy Ultimate Team packs. The initial Objectives and Beginner SBCs are incredibly easy and take no time at all, we strongly recommend completing as many of these as you can. Starter SBCs in particular are a great way of clearing out any unwanted untradeable players from your FUT club.

EASFC Credits

Not only should you purchase coin boosts with your EASFC credits, there are also likely to be items available in the catalogue that can be sold on the FUT transfer market. In order to access the catalogue, you must do so by playing FIFA 20 on your console.

BIN Sniping / 59th Minute Method

This type of trading method is when you set price parameters via the search filters, and look to find players listed under their current market value. Competition will be low enough for this to work in the early stages of the game, although you must still be quick and have a good understanding of what players are actually worth within your price range.

Investing in Rare Silver Players

This is generally more of a longer term investment trading method, however, it can still garner quick profits if done correctly. Due to the nature of rare silver players and how they are obtained, there is a scarcity factor. Some silvers can skyrocket in price after the game launches each year. Look for 74-rated items with exceptional stats and then gauge the market.

400 Coin Bronze Pack Method

Admittedly, this has become slightly less effective in recent years, but Ultimate Team users do still claim to have success with it. This is where you open 400 coin bronze packs and list every single item on the FUT transfer market for one hour cycles, until you sell enough to make a profit (increasing the size of your transfer list via the EASFC catalogue can help a lot).

Saving FUT Coins

Seeing a bargain and not being able to take advantage of it can be incredibly frustrating. With this said, we always recommend keeping a small amount of FIFA coins spare to ensure that you have the means to make purchases like these when they present themselves.

Don’t Open FIFA Packs

Some people just can’t resist a good pack opening, but if you’re committed to having a solid squad ready for the first FIFA 20 FUT Champions Weekend League, then we advise you to stick to intelligent trading rather than pack luck. Sure, you could get lucky, but many people lose all of their coins by doing this and have nothing left to rebuild.

When Is the Best Time to Sell Players?

There is no definitive answer to this, as it’s simply impossible to accurately predict, but based on previous years we would recommend selling any unused/unwanted items just before Early Access becomes available (September 24, 2019). Selling on September 23 would probably be a sensible move.

Official EA SPORTS FUT 20 Web App Link

Official EA SPORTS FIFA Web App Link

Are you excited for the FIFA 20 Web App release date? Which strategies and trading methods are you planning on implementing during this year’s FUT Webstart? As mentioned above, we will keep you all updated on Twitter each time new news is announced. Please feel free to let us know your own thoughts and opinions.

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