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FIFA 20 Web App Release Time (FUT WebApp Countdown)

Published: 18/Sep/2019 5:19 Updated: 18/Sep/2019 14:07

by David Cotton


EA SPORTS have officially confirmed that the FIFA 20 Web App release date will be at some time today (September 18, 2019). Taking previous years into account, we can expect the FUT 20 Application to go live at around 6pm (UK time). See how to get free notifications about the official FIFA 20 Web App release time below.

Before the FIFA 20 EA Access Release Date, Ultimate Team fans will be offered the chance to login to their FUT account and get a head start on building their squad. Web Application users will also have the opportunity to open starter and returning user packs, complete objectives and SBCs, as well as trade on the transfer market.

The FIFA 20 Web App will also be an invaluable tool for Ultimate Team fans looking to save their 10 hours of EA Access gameplay. Instead of wasting time on squad management, users can simply logout of FUT, quit the game and do this via the App. There may be an EA Access glitch offering unlimited hours – we will keep you updated with any news.

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EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Web App Details

What time does the FIFA 20 Web App come out?

FIFA 20 Web App Coming Soon

Historically, the FUT Web App has become available during the afternoon or evening (UK time). However, as this year’s release will be on the same day as FIFA 20 TOTW 1, we expect EA SPORTS to enable it from 6pm UK onwards. Team of the Week squads are announced at 3pm UK and released into packs three hours later.

Confirmed: FIFA 20 TOTW 1 FUT Squad | Team of the Week IF Cards

How can I be notified when the FUT 20 Web Application goes live?

FIFA 20 Web App Twitter Push Notifications

In order to get a free push notification to see when this year’s FUT 20 Web Application goes live, all you need to do is follow our Twitter and make sure the bell symbol is highlighted blue and ticked. We will keep a close eye on the FIFA 20 Web App release time, so you don’t have to sit there constantly refreshing your browser all day.

What is the official EA SPORTS FIFA Web App link?

Official EA SPORTS FIFA Web App Link

Unfortunately there are websites that have been created with the sole purpose of acquiring FUT account login information. The good news is that this has become less prevalent in recent years, but it is still crucial to check that you are on EA’s secure and official website via ‘https’. The official EA SPORTS FIFA Web App link can be found below:

Are you looking forward to the release of the FIFA 20 Web App? How do you plan on using this year’s FUT Companion App? Let us know which Ultimate Team players you get in your returning user packs, as well as the total amount of coins that you manage to make throughout the early access period.


How to complete FIFA 21 Current TOTW Upgrade SBC

Published: 24/Nov/2020 13:46

by Connor Bennett


EA SPORTS have rolled out a new Team of the Week-themed SBC in FIFA 21, allowing you to stock up on TOTW players. So, here’s what you need to know.

For the most part, squad building challenges – or SBCs – are focused on giving FIFA fans the chance to unlock special variant cards of their favorite players. 

These are usually like Player of the Month, Flashback, Player Moments, Road to the Final, or a number of different promos, but EA also sprinkles in something different at times too. These unique SBCs can be focused on cosmetics like kits, badges, and stadium upgrades – but there are also the ‘lucky bag’ type SBCs too. 

These SBCs come out at different points of the seasons, and the rewards are either completely random or locked to one particular set of cards. This time around, it’s all about Team of the Week.

Erling Haaland in FIFA 21
We’ve already seen stars like Erling Haaland receive TOTW cards in FIFA 21, but that doesn’t stop them from getting multiple.

Current TOTW Upgrade FIFA 21 SBC requirements

The SBC, called the Current TOTW Upgrade, isn’t all that difficult to grasp. You’ve got to build one squad, and in return, you’ll be given a Team of the Week pack. Unlike the previous TOTW Upgrade, the pack you get for this SBC is locked to the week you open it – rather than the past few weeks. 

With the reward being pretty random – there is no set rating for the player you’ll receive – EA haven’t rolled out an entirely difficult SBC. No, it’s just an 83-rated team, so you can hand over quite a bit of fodder to complete it, if you’ve got unusable cards in your club. 

You will, though, need to also have at least 50 team chemistry when its all said and done – so it can’t just a pile of random cards. But, again, it isn’t difficult. 

  • Current TOTW Upgrade: Min.83 Squad Rating, Min. 50 Team Chemistry, 11 players in the squad. Reward: TOTW Pack. 

Cheap solutions for FIFA 21 Current TOTW Upgrade SBC

Now, if you haven’t got useless cards upon useless cards stocked in your club, you will have to fork out to get the SBC completed. Though, it’s not incredibly expensive.

According to FUTBin, starting it from scratch will cost around 20,000-24,000 coins. But, we’ve got a few solutions that should save you a few coins too. 

Aside from bagging a guaranteed TOTW Card, the SBC is repeatable, so you can try your lcuk over and over – providing you have the coins or cards to do so. 

If you manage to grab anything nice, be sure to let us know what you packed by tweeting us @UltimateTeamUK.