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The EA SPORTS FIFA team have finally revealed which new features are coming to this year’s edition of Ultimate Team. Below we have compiled all the latest FUT 20 news, as well as a complete breakdown of what FIFA 20 Ultimate Team fans can expect to see in this year’s game.

Since Ultimate Team (commonly known as FUT) was released all the way back in FIFA 09, it has become one of the world’s most popular game modes. The name speaks for itself, it gives football fans a chance to build towards their ultimate squad of players, and compete with other online gamers from all across the world.

FUT is a fun and challenging way of playing FIFA, it offers users continual progression and excitement in many forms. Ultimate Team packs offer random players and items, which can be sold on the live FUT Transfer Market. Players can also receive new and upgraded cards throughout the season. See the latest FIFA 20 news below.

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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Features | FUT News Deep Dive

Some of this year’s key improvements and new features in FUT 20 are as follows:

  • Variety of short, medium and long term goals throughout the season
  • More customisation, allowing fans to create their own unique style
  • Improved ways to play with and against your friends
  • Refreshed squad screen, focusing more on the club and transfer market

Season Objectives

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team will include a new Season Objectives feature. These new long-term Objectives were created in order to offer FUT 20 users something to progress towards throughout the season, beyond a daily or weekly timeframe. The first Objectives Season will run from September 19 all the way through to the end of October.

Once you have logged into FIFA Ultimate Team and created a club, the new Objectives Hub will be available to see from the FUT Central menu. This hub will allow users to keep track of their progress towards Season Rewards, change to the next season objective, and also view your progression via Milestones and Foundation objectives.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Season Objectives (OTW Jović)

FUT 20 allows Objectives to be grouped together through themes and tasks. Users will not only earn XP and Rewards for completing Individual Objectives, they will also help you to progress completing overall Group Objectives. By completing these you will unlock larger rewards to help you customise and advance your Ultimate Team.

The four different types of Season Objectives are: Daily, Weekly, Season, and Dynamic Objectives.

  • Daily Objectives are quick and easy tasks which are released every day. By completing these, you will earn XP towards Season Rewards.
  • Weekly Objectives are groups of objectives which offer rewards and XP. If you miss a week, they will stay active the following week (this does not apply for the final week).
  • Season Objectives take a lot longer to complete, they will remain live until the last day of each season.
  • Dynamic Objectives are time-limited Objective Groups which will not follow a regular release schedule. These can be tied to campaigns within the game or real world events over the season.

As you complete Objectives and earn XP you will progress through Levels, these can be seen in the Season Rewards tab. The first season will contain 30 Levels, each containing its own Season Reward or Reward option. These will contain packs, players, club customisation content, and FUT coin boosts. Higher levels offer bigger rewards.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Objectives Levels & Season Rewards

Furthermore, there will also be two other ways to unlock rewards: Foundation and Milestones Objectives.

  • Foundation Objectives will help new FIFA 20 Ultimate Team players, with objective subject groups such as FUT trading, team building and Chemistry.
  • Milestone Objectives are long term objective groups which will not be tied to a Season. Users will be able to progress towards unlocking these objectives at their own pace.

More Customisation

FUT 20 will offer more ways to customise your Ultimate Team than ever before. This year users will be able to personalise their club through new Stadium Themes, Crowd Tifos, unique custom balls, new crests, and custom celebrations. All of this will provide thousands of combinations in which players can add their own unique touch.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Customisations

By experimenting with these new options in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, you will be able to create your own unique environment that will enable you to stand out from other online players. Stadium themes will feature on the sidelines and in the crowd during each match. Your Tifo will be visible during pre-match, after goals, and some replays.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Zidane Tifo

After scoring a goal, if you wish to use a custom celebration assigned to your FUT club, you can easily do so by pressing the X/A button. Custom celebrations will not affect normal celebrations, button combinations for these will stay the same. Your ball selection will only be visible to you, and some stadiums will not support customisation.

FUT Friendlies

FUT Friendlies offers a new hub to play FIFA 20 Ultimate Team with your friends locally or online. Users can enjoy this via head to head online (traditional 11v11 gameplay), with or without House Rules. These matches will not consume contracts or fitness, or count towards your record. Injuries and red cards will also not carry over.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team FUT Friendlies Match Stats

For serious FUT fans looking to compete with their friends, 11v11 Classic gameplay will likely be your go-to game mode. However, for those looking to branch out and have some arcade style fun, custom House Rules is a great option. Select House Rules modes included in FIFA 19 will be available, as well as another four modes new to FIFA 20.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team FUT Friendlies Ways to Play

House Rules modes Max Chemistry and Swaps will be exclusive to Ultimate Team, whereas Mystery Ball and King of the Hill will be available in FUT, Pro Clubs and Kick Off. Previous House Rules games such as Headers & Volleys, Survival, Long Range, No Rules, and Classic Match will also be available in all three of the aforementioned game modes.

  • Max Chemistry will essentially take away the rules of FIFA Ultimate Team chemistry and provide a full 10 chemistry for each player (and 100 team chemistry), regardless of their position or links.
  • Swaps will make three players from your own squad randomly swap with your opponent before each match. You can risk starting bronze players in the hope that your opponent will receive them. If you manage to score with a swapped player, you will be awarded two points for that goal.
  • Mystery Ball brings in a new mystery ball type each time the ball goes out of play. Each ball type has its own goal value, ranging from 1-3, and gives the player in possession a Shooting, Dribbling, Passing or Sprint Speed boost. The All Ball boosts all of these simultaneously.
FIFA 20 Ultimate Team House Rules Mystery Ball
  • King of the Hill provides a control zone in an attacking area of the pitch. The idea is to enter this area and control the ball in there as long as you are willing to risk. A number will appear in the box which can be built up to three, this is the amount of goals you will earn if you score from the same possession.
FIFA 20 Ultimate Team House Rules King of the Hill

Squad Management

The importance of the FIFA Ultimate Team Squad screen is often overlooked, however, it is undeniably one of the most important aspects of the game mode. As FUT has developed over the years, the EA SPORTS FIFA team have concluded that the overall experience of using this screen may have become a bit too complex.

As such, EA have focused on making the way FUT users interact with this screen to be easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Not only will the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team squad screen be less jumbled and clearer, it will also provide shortcuts to other areas of the game mode, where users can easily transition without wasting time.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Squad Management Screen

When you select a player in FUT 20 and press R1/RB, it will take you directly to your club, with the same position filtered. From this screen you can further adjust the results by quickly pressing △/Y, this will enable you to access the entire set of unified filters if you wish to access certain players when using this screen.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Club Quick Search

You can also press L1/LB if you wish to instantly navigate to the Transfer Market. By accessing the Transfer Market in this way, search results will be pre-filtered to the position you are trying to fill. Also, it will not show any players more expensive than the amount of FUT coins you have. Full search filters will also be available.

The player actions menu has had a complete overhaul in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. By pressing ☐/X on a player in your FUT club, a brand new radial menu will appear. This menu provides users with quick options to apply consumables, jump to player tactics, or to quick sell a player. Again, this is a huge way in which users will save time.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Player Actions Menu

Squad Battles

Since being launched in FUT 18, Squad Battles has remained one of Ultimate Team’s most popular modes. FUT 20 will offer a completely new interface, which provides users with a lot more information on an upcoming opponent. This features the top three players from each squad, all the way to the customisations that they are using.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Squad Battles Hub

Timed refreshes will not feature in FIFA 20 Squad Battles, users will now be able to refresh four new squads whenever they please. However, there is a maximum of 10 refreshes per week, which enables you to play the maximum 40 games. Users can refresh after this, but further games will not count towards your weekly competition standings.

Are you impressed with this year’s FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Reveal? Are you looking forward to the trying out these new features yourself after the release of FUT 20? We welcome you to get in touch with us via Twitter to share your thoughts and opinions.

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