FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Changes | EA SPORTS Pitch Notes Update

Today is the day that many FIFA Pro Clubs fans around the world have been waiting for. Thanks to EA SPORTS’ latest Pitch Notes article, we have now been given a first look at some of the new features coming to the FIFA 20 Pro Clubs online game mode.

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Generally speaking, FIFA fans have always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with Pro Clubs. The idea of the game mode is fantastic, it allows groups of friends to compete together on the same team, each controlling their own individual and customisable virtual pro players.

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It offers users a fun and yet challenging way to play to game, as you and your teammates battle it out with other online users to fight your way through the divisions, or to win cups. You don’t just represent yourself in Pro Clubs, you represent your team, and play towards a common goal.

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The great thing about the FIFA Pro Clubs game mode is that it is all about progression. This means that you’re always working towards that next level, which prevents stagnation. In theory this sounds great, but user feedback throughout the years suggests that this still needs tweaking.

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Remember, the whole point of this game mode is essentially to replicate a virtualised version of what it would be like to play in a local football club with your friends. With this said, we not only want FIFA 20 Pro Clubs to be fun, but also realistic. See this year’s changes below.

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FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Deep Dive | New & Updated Features


EA SPORTS have officially confirmed that a new Avatar system will be in place for FIFA 20 Pro Clubs, replacing player creation across the whole game. This brand new feature will offer users far greater editing capabilities when it comes to designing a Virtual Pro’s visual characteristics.

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FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Customisation – New Avatar System
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Furthermore, aside from visual changes, EA have now added the option to allocate your pro to more positions on the pitch. These include: LF/RF, LM/RM and RWB/LWB. Along with these new positions, a revitalised player progression system will be available within FIFA 20 Pro Clubs.

Changing a player’s position, height and weight will have a far greater impact in terms of how your Virtual Pro moves and feels. As a result of community feedback, stamina has also been tweaked, where users will now have to sacrifice other attributes for investing in stamina and pace.

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FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Customisation – Height/Weight Stat Changes
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Everyone will now begin their FIFA 20 Pro Clubs journey with an 80-rated Virtual Pro player. In order to progress from here, users will be required to participate in Drop In, League and Cup Matches. The remainder will come in the form of player traits, which have also been revamped.

EA SPORTS have confirmed that a further 30 player traits will be available within the FIFA 20 Pro Clubs player progression system. These new traits will offer increased benefits to your Virtual Pro, but they will cost more skill points and also potentially negatively effect other attributes.

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FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Customisation – New Player Traits Progression


A big part of EA’s focus this year has been on re-branding the game mode. To do this, they have added new broadcast features, including replay transition wipes, personalised club banners, an on-screen watermark and a new Pro Clubs logo. Banners are determined by a team’s colours.

Furthermore, AR (augmented reality) overlays will now be included during match introductions, half time, and when a goal is scored. These visual effects will help users to become immersed in a broadcast match experience. Each match type will also have different colours.

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FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Broadcast – Match Intro Screen

Goal celebrations in FIFA 20 Pro Clubs have also completely changed. Users will be able to celebrate with their entire team and orchestrate unique routines. As in previous versions, the camera will no longer zoom in on the goalscorer, allowing everyone to clearly see their own player.

FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Team Goal Celebration

Match Types

In FIFA 20 Pro Clubs there will be a further two new ways to play – ‘House Rules Cups’ and ‘Practice Match’. House Rules Cups is essentially the same as House Rules from Kick-Off mode, but now with your Virtual Pros. A new match type will be rotated every day of the week.

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FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Match Types – House Rules Cups

The Practice Match mode will allow Clubs to hone their skills individually, or together with friends, against AI difficulties (these vary from beginner to legendary). Users will also be given the freedom to choose which type of tactics they face, as well as the overall rating of AI opponents.

FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Practice Match Settings

Requested Improvements

In addition to FIFA 20’s new gameplay features, (which will be fully implemented in Pro Clubs), EA SPORTS have considered user feedback and tackled some of the most requested improvements:

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  • ‘Any’ Stamina Bug – Stamina emptied quicker for the player controlling the ‘Any’ position
  • CB in wall – Taller forwards and midfielders are now automatically placed in the wall to defend Free Kicks
  • GK Set Piece – Game stability will no longer be affected when you have a GK as captain and your team has a set piece
  • Club Trophy Celebration – When your Pro Club wins a cup you can now watch the full celebration scene

Another huge frustration among the FIFA Pro Clubs community has been Kit Clashing. In order to help combat this issue, EA have added over 25 new customisable kits, as well as over 150 crests to select from. Furthermore, a new Pre-Match Kit Select screen will appear before matches.

After the matchmaking process has completed, each team’s captain can choose which kits their team will see for the upcoming match. All of the above should drastically help solve the long-lasting problem of Kit Clashing, creating a more enjoyable experience for all FIFA 20 Pro Clubs users.

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FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Pre-Match Kit Select Screen

Are you a fan of these new FIFA 20 Pro Clubs changes? Will the aforementioned updates to this popular game mode create a better experience and tempt new players into getting involved? You can get in touch with us via Twitter to let us know your thoughts and opinions.

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