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FIFA 20 pro banned by EA for “collusion” with other pro players

Published: 9/Nov/2019 13:09 Updated: 9/Nov/2019 13:22

by Joe Craven


Chris ‘NYC_Chris’ Holly, a well-known FIFA pro, has been suspended by EA for illicit collusion with other pros, in order to manipulate opponents in the FUT Champions Weekend League.

Chris Holly is one of FIFA’s best-known professional players, representing MLS club New York City FC in past tournaments. However, in November it was announced that he had received a temporary ban, as a result of colluding with other players. 

FUT Champions Weekend Leagues occur on a weekly basis, seeing the best players in the world compete to get the best record from their 30 matches. The better your record, the better the rewards received by the players.

EAThe FUT Weekend League is qualified for throughout FUT Rivals.

The top 100 in the world is always dominated by professional players, a number of whom make the impressive step of going 30-0. 

In late October, Nick Bartels, a popular FIFA YouTuber, made a video entitled ‘This is Unacceptable’. Bartels’ video revealed details on a Discord group between professional players, who would organize their matchmaking in the Weekend Leagues, so they would avoid being matched against one another. 

This resulted in them being matched with lower-skilled, non-professional opponents, whom they are likely to be better than, thus finishing with a better overall record. 

EA Sports acknowledged the collusion and banned Holly for his actions in “encouraging” the behavior, which prohibits EA’s professional code of conduct. 

EA SportsThe details of Chris’ ban, in full.

As a result, Holly received a two-event ban, which will see him miss both the FUT Champions Cup Stage II online qualifier and FUT Champions Cup Stage III online qualifier.

He replied to the ban in early November, apologizing for his actions and promising to learn from them. He concluded his response by stating he will try to “earn your trust back”. 

Holly’s suspension is only temporary, relating to the severity of the rules he broke. Another pro FIFA player, Kurt0411, received a permanent ban from FIFA 20 as a result of harassing and defamatory videos he made about EA. In one video, the FIFA pro is seen spitting on an EA logo. 

While Holly took an apologetic stance in relation to his suspension, Kurt0411 lashed out further, stating that EA should be ashamed of FIFA 20.

Barring any change of heart from EA, he will be absent for the rest of FIFA 20, while we can expect to see NYC_Chris back in action soon.


How to complete Alessandrini Flashback SBC in FIFA 21: solutions & cost

Published: 28/Nov/2020 18:44 Updated: 28/Nov/2020 20:29

by Bill Cooney


A new Flashback SBC is available in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team for French Winger Romain Alessandrini, celebrating his goal-studded 2017-2018 seasons for the Los Angeles Galaxy.

SBC’s are a great way to fill out your card collection in FUT, and if you’re in need of something new on the outside, Alessandrini might be just the man you’re looking for.

Now playing for Chinese Super League team Qingdao Huanghai, the Winger notched two of the best seasons in his career while playing for the LA Galaxy in the MLS (13 goals in 2017 & 11 in 2018), which this new Flashback card harkens back to.

Fans who played Ultimate Team in FIFA 18 will remember how good the Frenchman’s cards were – almost everyone had either his first or second In-Form on their bench as a super-sub, and his nationality made it easier to even start him, for those who wanted to.

Alessandrini FIFA 21 Flashback card in-game stats

Alessandrini Stats
Stats for Alessandrini’s Flashback SBC in FIFA 21.

To start off, just check out that 92 Pace on an 85 OVR card. You really couldn’t ask for anything better with 91 Sprint Speed and 93 Acceleration. Shooting, Passing, and Dribbling also all clock in at high to mid-80s as well.

Defending and Physicality are his weak points, but the good news is that there’s only one single challenge you have to knock out in order to wrap up this SBC and grab the fleet-footed Frenchman’s new card for yourself.

Alessandrini Flashback SBC requirements, solutions, cost.

Altogether these tasks should run you around 92,000 to about 105,000 FUT Coins to complete, which isn’t too shabby at all considering the Acceleration and Sprint Speed stats he’s packing. The full requirements are listed below:

Romain Alessandrini

  • Number of players from France: Min 1
  • IF Players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 85
  • Team Chemistry: Min 70
  • Number of players in the Squad: 11

Below are a couple of the cheapest solutions we’ve found to this Flashback SBC, and to make things even easier they don’t require any loyalty to complete.

Alessandrini Flashback Solution 1

Alessandrini Flashback SBC solution 1
A cheap solution to Alessandrini’s Flashback SBC in FIFA 21.

Alessandrini Flashback Solution 2

Alessandrini Flashback SBC solution 2
Another cheap solution to Alessandrini’s Flashback SBC in FIFA 21.

Now that you know all there is to know about how to knock this SBC out, the only question left is: is it worth it? Looking at the stats alone, especially that 92 Pace, we’d definitely say this SBC is worthwhile if you can afford to complete it.

If you can muster up the coinage prior to the challenge expiring on Friday, December 4, then definitely look into it because this could be a highly-coveted super-sub that you can’t get your hands on later.

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