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FIFA 20 players think they’ve found a new ICON card

Published: 8/Jul/2020 13:10 Updated: 9/Jul/2020 14:24

by David Purcell


It’s not often we see EA SPORTS release new ICON cards in Ultimate Team so late in the game’s life cycle, but some FIFA 20 players believe they might have found a big clue about a fresh release. 

The game celebrated South America’s Copa Libertadores in style this year with an entire in-game promo event dedicated to the competition, which saw the release of many Squad Building Challenges and in-game content.


Following on from that, one player from Argentina has been spotted taking photos with an ICON card cutout, leading some to believe that they could be added to the game in the future.

Here’s the complete set of FIFA 20 ICONs. Will another be added soon?

The footballer in question is Clemente Rojas (or Rojitas as he’s known), who previously represented Boca Juniors and is 75-years-old. He started his career playing in front of the crowds at La Bombanera and played almost 200 games for the club, though not many outside the continent may be familiar with the former striker.


For months now images of the Argentine have been circulating on social media, with Rojitas posing in front of an Ultimate Team cardboard cutout. It was even suggested that a new ICON Refresh promo may be on the way too, but nothing had materialized.

As seen below, in a post from Reddit user RostoMemer, the card is 92-rated and boasts some impressive stats. These include 89 pace, 92 finishing, and 95 dribbling.

Don’t know if this is legit or just as a joke, but this was posted on Ángel Clemente Rojas’ official Instagram account. Rojas (more commonly known as Rojitas) was an Argentinian striker born in 1944 who played 8 of his 15 years of his career for Boca Juniors, scoring 66 times in 192 matches for them from FIFA

From what we can see, the logo at the bottom of the card appears to be from the FIFA Rosters website, which isn’t affiliated with EA SPORTS. Therefore, it is unlikely that this is anything like an official confirmation of a new ICON, unfortunately.


A few comments below the Reddit post were also skeptical. One asked: “Why would a striker with 66 goals in 8 years get an icon card?” Another said: “Those stats look insane but I don’t think those real life stats are worthy of an icon card, think there are many Argentinian strikers with better records.”

Chances are, this was just a gift from friends or family. Hopefully with FIFA 21 on the horizon, though, we’ll be getting more information on incoming ICON cards in the near future.


How to snipe players in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Published: 17/Oct/2020 18:06 Updated: 17/Oct/2020 18:09

by Joe Craven


Over the years, ‘sniping’ has grown to be an excellent method of acquiring players for below their usual BIN price. Here’s everything you need to know to master it in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

The community dislike of Ultimate Team price ranges still hasn’t died away completely but, as you’d expect, FIFA’s fan base has figured out how trading can still be performed in the market’s conditions.


Acquiring players just before they enter a Team of the Week is as reliable as ever, but picking up true bargains has become more difficult as price ranges seek to inhibit the coin buying/selling trade.

FIFA 21 Transfer Market HUB
EA Sports
With millions of items on the market, bargains are there to be found.

One way around this is ‘sniping’ – the act of intentionally searching below a player’s typical buy it now (BIN) price, and then acting quickly to finalize the purchase. Here, we’re going to break down how to do it, and how it can benefit you and your Ultimate Team bank.


Step One: Pick your player and work out his usual price

First off, you need to pick the player you want. This can be for trading, or for use in your team. You won’t want to pick a player too expensive and rare, as there simply won’t be the quantity of that player on the market. Players will also be more careful to get their money’s worth when listing a better, rarer player. We’ve gone for Raphinha of Leeds United.

Rpahinha in FUT 21 Transfer Market
EA Sports
Raphinha is a steal for just a few thousand coins.

Step Two: Lower your price

As you can see, there are hundreds of cards available for 2,700 coins. We know off the bat, then, that this is too high. We’d recommend dropping the price search by about 10%, which in this case will take our searches down to about 2,400 coins.

Step Three: Buy it now

For this price, there are just a couple of options, both at the very beginning of their one hour on the market. These will sell very rapidly, so it’s up to you to act fast and ‘buy it now’. Internet will probably matter in this scenario, so if your console or PC is pretty slow, the web app might offer you more luck.


In terms of actually pushing the buttons quickly to buy the player, practice makes perfect. You’ll need to select the player, move down to Buy Now, then move up to ‘Yes’. The best way to do it is to practice.

Raphinha in FIFA 21 Transfer Market
EA Sports
Raphinha is available even cheaper.

However, we should stress that it’s not this simple. A lot of the time, searching below a player’s BIN price, you’ll be met with the message tell you there are no players available at that price.

Unfortunately, you cannot just spam the search button and be taken to the players available as they are listed – you have to alternate between a couple of prices. In this Raphinha example, you’ll probably need to alternate between about 2,300 and 2,400 coins. We even found one for 2,100 coins – 600 coins below the value we know he can sell for.

Raphinha BIN price in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
EA Sports
Some bargains are available, even in players’ given price ranges.

What to bear in mind when sniping in FIFA Ultimate Team

If you’re sniping to trade, remember EA’s 5% tax. Buying a player at 2,900 coins and selling them for 3,000 is pointless, as you’ll only get 2,850 coins for the sale. This is why we recommend going about 10% below their standard BIN price, or lower.

Next, sniping is difficult with more valuable players. There are fewer of them, and players will be more cautious when listing a highly valuable player. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, it’ll just require more patience.


Finally, remember players’ values change. Buying a Raphinha today for 2,400 coins might be a good deal, but tomorrow he could only be worth 2,200 coins. Be intelligent and work quickly.

Once you master sniping, it can be a seriously useful way of saving coins. Be realistic though, as price ranges means the days of finding a 100k player for 10k are long behind us.