EA responds to FIFA 23 AcceleRATE issues with lengthy & explosive traits

Van Dijk in FIFA 23EA SPORTS

FIFA 23’s new AcceleRATE feature isn’t working correctly for some player items and chemistry style combinations, and EA has announced an investigation into the issue.

FIFA 23’s AcceleRATE system redefines player speed. EA categorizes players into three acceleration types based on height, strength, and agility.

Controlled players offer a balanced acceleration, Explosive acceleration features short players with higher agility and lower strength, with players that get off to an explosive start before gradually slowing down. Finally, lengthy players are slow out of the gates but can blow by defenders after a certain distance in full stride, matching to taller players with high strength and low agility.

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The FIFA 23 community discovered lengthy players such as Erling Haaland and Karim Benzema are some of the most overpowered items in-game. However, the game-changing discovery comes with a catch.

FIFA 23 addresses AcceleRATE values issue

Some players are naturally lengthy, but there is also a way to change a player’s AcceleRATE trait into lengthy by using an Architect Chemistry Style.

In FIFA 23’s first update, EA stated a 14 rating difference between Strength and Agility is needed to change a player’s trait to lengthy.

However, the German version of the pitch notes stated cards must have a Strength Rating of 15 points or higher than their Agility rating.

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EA announced it is looking into the discrepancy.

Here are the criteria for lengthy.

  • Strength: greater than or equal to 65
  • (Strength – Agility): Greater than or equal to 14
  • Acceleration: Greater than or equal to 55
  • Height: Greater than or equal to 5’9″

Here are the criteria for explosive.

  • Agility: Greater than or equal to 65
  • (Agility – Strength): Greater than or equal to 15
  • Acceleration: Greater than or equal to 74
  • Height: Greater than or equal to 5’11”

EA clarified for some players, the (Strength – Agility) number needs to be greater and cannot be equal to 14 for lengthy and vice versa for explosive.

However, the developers did not specify which players cannot have an equal (Agility – Strength) number.

The science behind FIFA’s AcceleRATE system is still a little murky, but we will provide updates once we better understand its inner workings.