FIFA 23 October 5 update patch notes: Dribbling, penalty & referee changes

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FIFA 23’s first live tuning update patch notes bring with them some major gameplay changes barely two weeks after the game’s release. 

The latest FIFA title launched on September 26, 2022. FIFA 23 marks the last installment in the series to be developed by EA. The game includes brand new features, an expanded look at women’s football, and much more.

While the launch has gone relatively smoothly, there have been some slight gameplay issues that FIFA players have been quick to make the devs aware of. As a result, the first live tuning update for the game was just dropped on October 5. 

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In the official patch notes, devs EA have also added that these smaller style updates will be a common occurrence, writing that “live tuning enables us to roll out some changes without requiring a full Title Update. This can allow us to make tuning changes faster and with more frequency while working on the balance of the game.”

Gameplay & Referee issues ironed out for consistency and balance  

FIFA 23 updateEA Sports
Players have just begun sinking their teeth into FIFA 23.

While only a small update, this patch promises to balance out some specific gameplay aspects that have been causing players issues since launch. Penalty kicks will now require more finesse, with accuracy when taking the kick now being dialed back. Technical dribbling has been altered. Teammates who may not have the best dribbling will now have the skill nerfed down to match their stats.

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Referee decisions have also been given a slight overhaul. They will now be less likely to call soft or unwarranted freekicks during arm-to-arm contact in-game. On the flip side, referees will be more likely to hand out red or yellow cards for any hard slide tackles.

Sorry gamers but you’ll no longer be able to get away with putting in a dangerous tackle. Attached below is the full rundown of the FIFA 23 update patch notes.

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Full FIFA 23 October 5 live tuning update patch notes 

The following Live Tuning gameplay changes are now available:

  • Reduced the accuracy of Penalty Kicks taken when the Composure Ring is yellow or red.
  • Increased Technical Dribbling animation speed for lower rated dribblers.
    • This change specifically impacts players whose dribbling related Attributes are below 90.
  • Adjusted referees to be less likely to call fouls for arm-related collisions.
  • Adjusted referees to be more likely to award yellow cards for fouls committed by Hard Slide Tackles.

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