Will Cristiano Ronaldo be in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team after Juventus PES license?

David Cotton

Many FUT fans will have heard the news that Juventus will not be a licensed team within FIFA 20. This has been confirmed since Juventus FC signed an exclusive deal with Konami for PES 2020. Does this mean that Cristiano Ronaldo will not have a FIFA 20 Ultimate Team card?

Diehard FIFA fans can relax right now, Cristiano Ronaldo and other Juventus players will be in this year’s Ultimate Team game mode. However, FUT 20 users will have to play with these players under the new club name of Piemonte Calcio, which will feature a custom badge and kits.

The team Piemonte Calcio will consist of real-world, authentic players throughout all FIFA 20 game modes, as well as Ultimate Team. Furthermore, Piemonte Calcio players will have the exact same FUT Chemistry as any other team, essentially meaning that these changes will merely be superficial.

Konami sign exclusive license with Juventus for PES 2020

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What will Piemonte Calcio look like in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team?

Will Piemonte Calcio players have generic names and faces?

No. The entire squad will use real-world players, with authentic names and faces, throughout FIFA 20 and the Ultimate Team game mode.

Will these changes affect FUT chemistry?

No. Piemonte Calcio players will share chemistry links like any other team, with players from the same Nation, League and Club.

Will Piemonte Calcio players receive special cards?

Yes, these players will be eligible for Special Items throughout the course of FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

Will Piemonte Calcio players have dynamic player ratings in Kick-Off?

Yes, these player ratings will be updated and change based on real-world performances.

How will this new change impact Career Mode?

FIFA 20 Career Mode users will be able to play with Piemonte Calcio, which will feature authentic players and updated player ratings.

Will Piemonte Calcio be a playable team in FIFA 19?

All previous EA SPORTS FIFA titles will be unaffected by these changes.

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(Cristiano Ronaldo FUT 20 card image via @CriminalFIFA_)

Are you relieved to hear the news that Cristiano Ronaldo and other Juventus players will still feature in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team under Piemonte Calcio? How will the Konami PES 2020 Juventus partnership license agreement affect FIFA games and FUT long-term? Share your thoughts with us via Twitter.