Best FIFA 22 camera settings to give you an edge

Bill Cooney
FIFA 22 screenshot showing a player heading the ball
EA Sports

There are some tips and tricks that longtime FIFA players always do with their camera settings, so let’s go over some that could actually give you a slight edge over an opponent in FIFA 22.

Every player has a list of things they just have to do when logging into FIFA 22: set your controller settings, and camera settings being two of the first that usually get adjusted.

Sure, you can hop into Career Mode or Ultimate Team without tweaking any settings, if you want to give yourself the same handicaps everyone else who plays on base settings does. If you want to potentially be a step ahead of your opponents, then read on.

Best FIFA 22 Camera Settings

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Some camera settings can let you keep an eye on more players on the pitch at once.

FIFA 22 starts out loaded with all of the cameras set to the EA Sports GameCam, but there are much better options available. If you follow these simple tweaks you’ll be able to see more players and more of the pitch at once:

  1. Go into the FIFA 22 Options menu.
  2. Select the “Camera” tab.
  3. Change both Single Player and Multiplayer Cameras to ‘Tele Broadcast’ option.
  4. Set ‘Camera Height’ anywhere from 10 to 17.
  5. Set ‘Camera Zoom’ at zero.
  6. Make sure you’re able to see the flanks, and try out a match with your new settings.

You’ll want to switch the Single Player Camera and Multiplayer Camera both to the ‘Tele Broadcast’ option, which gives you a better view of the pitch than the starting GameCam does.

Another option is the ‘Co-Op’ Camera setting as well, which also gives you a zoomed-out view of the field, but Tele Broadcast is preferred by the majority of pro players and plenty of FIFA veterans as well.

FIFA 22 stadium
EA Sports
Camera Height can go anywhere from 10-17, but above that it gets hard to see the edges of the field.

After you set the overall display, you can still improve your vision with tweaks to the ‘Camera Height’ and ‘Camera Zoom’ settings. Camera Zoom is generally accepted at being the best when set at zero, but there’s a bit of debate over which Camera Height is preferable.

You should be alright with any height from 10-17, any higher than that and the sides of the field tend to become cut off, so just mess with it a bit and figure out what works for you.