How to change club name in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Alan Bernal

It’s pretty simple to customize your FIFA 22 club name, and players will want to know how to change their branding to get the full Ultimate Team experience.

Unless you’re bringing a team from last year’s iteration, some people might get held up on trying to change the club name for their FIFA 22 Ultimate team. That, and there’s always the FOMO (fear of missing out) when a new meme drops that can change the name-game.

There are tons of puns, jabs, and quips that FIFA players regularly choose to name their clubs after, but whatever their reasons may be, it’s a straightforward process to follow.

fut 22 club name
Change your club name in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team for more personalization.

How to change FUT 22 club name

Change a FUT 22 club name by selecting The Basics tutorial called ‘Club Name,’ where players can remake their team’s moniker and its three-letter abbreviations.

To get there, access FIFA 22’s Objectives page from the main menu. Then tab to the Foundations drop-down missions.

The second FUT tutorial there should be called ‘Club Name’ where you’ll get to customize your Ultimate team club name.

Enter the new FUT club name and the abbreviation, then hit ‘confirm club name,’ and that should be all there is to it.

Best FIFA 22 club names

club name FIFA 22
Change your club name in FIFA 22 to truly make your Ultimate Team unique.

For most players that just created a team and started the building process, you might have a custom name that represents you. Other FUT managers prefer their memes and gags.

After your dozenth FUT campaign, you’ll probably want to start getting creative with your brand. Here are some of the best FIFA 22 club names.

  1. Hakuna Juan Mata.
  2. Mean Goals
  3. Moves like Dejagah
  4. Nice to Michu
  5. No Kane, No Gain
  6. Ctrl Alt De Laet
  7. Pjanic at the Isco
  8. Show me the Mané
  9. Man ChestHair Utd
  10. Reus Krispies

Now you have everything you need to change up your name for your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team with plenty of options to choose from.