Esports World Cup 2024 takes over Vegas Sphere to reveal massive $60m prize pool

Carver Fisher
Esports-World-Cup-takes over-Vegas-Sphere

The Esports World Cup will be hosting over a dozen games and is putting $60 million dollars up for grabs between all of them, breaking the record for biggest esports prize pool of all time.

Between the 19 titles being hosted at the Esports World Cup, over $60 million dollars will be up for grabs between the over 2,500 players and dozens of orgs that will be competing at the event.

This trumps the record previously set by Gamers8’s $45 million dollar prize pool from the year prior, with the money being split between a variety of stages.

$7 million will be up for grabs before the tournament gets started proper in qualifying stages held by either the ESL or the games’ Publisher depending on the title. From there, orgs’ placement across all games will be tracked, with a $20 million prize pool being awarded between the top 16 clubs.

The rest of that pool will be split between the players themselves in each title, with an additional $50,000 on offer for each game’s respective MVP.

To announce this, the Esports World Cup is taking over the Las Vegas Sphere to give spotlight to, alongside the massive prize pool and games represented at the tournament, some of the biggest names competing at the event, including players like TSM’s ImperialHal and Twisted Minds’ Arslan Ash.

The Esports World Cup will be taking place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with the competition being spread across 8 weeks this Summer.

And, while this doesn’t break the record for the biggest prize pool put up for a single game (that record belongs to DOTA 2’s TI 2021 at over $40 million), it’s the biggest prize pool put up for any one esports event and will have many orgs pining for those top spots.

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