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Escape from Tarkov

Dr Disrespect trolls Ninja & summit1g using Escape from Tarkov dogtags

Published: 19/Jan/2020 1:39 Updated: 19/Jan/2020 2:47

by Brent Koepp


Dr Disrespect’s love for Escape from Tarkov continues, as he trolled fellow streamers Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins, Jaryd ‘Summit1g‘ Lazar, and more by showing off his hilarious dogtag “collection” from the popular FPS.

Dr Disrespect is one of the most watched streamers on Twitch, becoming must-see entertainment on the platform with his over-the-top 80s persona, and incredible movie-level quality production.

The Two-Time champion has been obsessed with Escape from Tarkov lately, and trolled fellow streamers while also taking shots at the industry by sharing his hilarious in-game dogtag collection.

Twitter: @DrDisrespect
The popular Twitch streamer has an “addiction” to Escape From Tarkov.

Doc’s Escape from Tarkov dogtag “collection”

Escape From Tarkov features a mechanic where players can pick up the dogtags from their downed enemies, which can then be sold for money. The higher the level of your opponent, the more the item is worth, making it a big source of pride.

The streamer posted the joke version of his dogtag collection on his Twitter on January 18, and exclaimed “My Escape from Tarkov dogtag collection is… priceless.”

Fans were quick to discover that the collection featured several prominent names, including streamers Summit1g, TimTheTatman, and Ninja – who doesn’t even play the game.

Finding the post funny, Summit got in on the joke and replied to Doc, stating, “Wtf. You sneaky,” which had many followers in stitches, and his tweet has gotten over 1.8k likes at the time of writing.

Twitter: @summit1g
Summit hilariously replied to Doc’s post, getting in on the joke.

The Twitch star also poked fun at his E3 bathroom incident with dogtags named “E32019” and “Bathrooms,” as well as the iconic “ForsenCD” emote, and even references to Reddit’s LivestreamFail subreddit – getting “revenge” on all of them.

Hilariously, he also lined up his dogtags to spell out “Those blonde banged chubby cheeked punk kids,” which has often been a quote he uses against opponents in his matches, such as when he raged out about kids ruining Fortnite in October 2019.

Despite him poking fun of the industry even having a dogtag titled “Mixer,” the Twitch star continues to be one of the most popular entertainers right now, amassing over 3.9 million followers on his channel.

Dr Disrespect also announced in 2019 that he had signed a deal to make a TV show with The Walking Dead creators about his character, and even made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, proving he’s a hot commodity.


Fedmyster reportedly accuses Pokimane of “twisting the truth” to hurt him

Published: 25/Nov/2020 19:25 Updated: 25/Nov/2020 19:29

by Brent Koepp


A document allegedly featuring texts between former-Offline TV streamer Federico ‘Fedmyster’ Gaytan and Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys leaked online that accuses the Twitch star of taking their relationship out of context to hurt him.

In June, popular OfflineTV personality Fedmyster was accused of harassment and misconduct from several members of the content group. The shocking news rocked their community as the 25-year-old was removed from both the company and their house.

After months of silence, a document leaked online that claims Gaytan is accusing Pokimane of not telling the truth about their relationship. The file contains an essay allegedly written by him, as well as supposed text conversations between him and the Twitch star.

pokimane talking
Twitch: Pokimane
In June, Pokimane explained Fed’s behavior was a big reason she moved out of the OfflineTV house.

Fedmyster allegedly speaks out about Pokimane

On June 29, Pokimane addressed the Fedmyster allegations on stream, and explained that his behavior was a “big reason” she had moved out of the OfflineTV house. The star stated that 25-year-old had been sabotaging her relationship with other men, and had even kept her alienated from friends.

On November 25, a document appeared online that reportedly shows Gaytan accusing Pokimane of not giving proper context to their relationship. “Watching Poki talk about all the things I’ve done with little to zero context to the nature of our relationship hurt me pretty bad,” the leaked letter reads.

It also accuses the Twitch star of being untruthful. “I definitely did some unquestionable things and broke her trust, but there are some claims she makes about me, and herself that are either false, twisting the truth, or misconstrued,” it read. Streamers such as Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnell reviewed the controversial file during their live broadcast for viewers.

While Pokimane has not fully responded to any of the claims, the Moroccan-Canadian personality told fans on her second Twitter account that she would be addressing the allegations during a Twitch stream on November 26.

pokimane tweet

The Google Doc also appears to contain multiple leaked private texts between the streamer and Pokimane. The content of the conversations are extremely personal. In the essay supposedly written by Gaytan, he defended posting the messages to “show specific context that was never given.”

At the time of writing, it’s not clear whether Fedmyster actually wrote the document, or if any of the content contained inside of is real. However, the file quickly went viral on social media, and kicked off a new firestorm surrounding the June situation.