Dr Disrespect heaps praise on “sick” Escape From Tarkov weapon system

Twitch: Dr Disrespect / Battlestate Games

Dr Disrespect has revealed just how much he’s enjoying hardcore shooter Escape From Tarkov’s “sick” weapon and gear system, but admitted it’s so in-depth he sometimes gets a bit lost when choosing upgrades and attachments.

Dr Disrespect isn’t one to dole out praise lightly, and the Twitch star has become renowned for his angry and damning comments regarding games like Fortnite and PUBG. It’s high praise then, to hear the Doc admit he’s “addicted” to Tarkov.

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Although not every feature in the game has left him impressed, the Two-Time has been nearly non-stop streaming the alpha shooter, and still doesn’t seem tired of the hardcore looter shooter that has been taking over Twitch.

Battlestate GamesEscape from Tarkov has one of the most in-depth weapon systems available, and the Two-Time is loving it.

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In fact, he’s still finding things that he loves about the game, and heaped glowing praise on Battlestate Games’ “extensive” and near-unique weapon attachment system during his January 7 stream.

“This game’s pretty sick, I gotta give it to these guys man,” he said as he fiddled with the host of options on his recently purchased Lone Star TX-15 DML Rifle. “I do like the weapon customization system… the question is what do I want to do with it?”

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The Doc is, of course, fairly good at the game despite its slower-pace clashing with his trademark “violence, speed, momentum” motto. That skill has meant he’s already built up a fearsome arsenal of weapons, and a nice kitty of cash to boot.

That doesn’t mean Dr Disrespect’s kingdom of guns, gear, and attachments is built to last though, especially with the game’s punishing hardcore elements.

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Escape From Tarkov’s core design is based around the fact that players will lose weapons if they die with them in the arena, leading to many suffering from ‘gear fear’ — including the usually confident commander of the Champions Club.

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Twitter: Dr DisrespectEscape from Tarkov has taken Twitch by storm in 2020, and the Doc and his Champions Club have been leading the charge.

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After being asked what he did to manage the fact that gear can be stripped from players in a second if they make one wrong move in Tarkov, the Doc explained how building up a hefty bank of cash to “insure” weapons is the key.

“I think if you get into a good economical situation, where you’re insuring every single thing, and you can do that constantly, even if you die you can reuse that,” he said. “That has helped my calm factor, but I think you just have to get to that money situation first.”

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Of course, it’s the Doc, so while his financial advice was pretty sound, he couldn’t quite leave it there. He suggested the donator could also just “be a man” and “go shoot something,” instead of panicking, dying, and losing their guns.

For now, it seems like the Two Time is smitten by Battlestate’s slow-paced title, but he’s in the honeymoon phase right now — if something goes wrong, the Doc has been known to turn on games he’s loved in the past, and move on to the next thing.

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Right now, however, he’s leading the charge to keep Escape From Tarkov among the top games on Twitch, and both he and his fans are loving the change of pace from his regularly-scheduled battle royale grinds.

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