Dr Disrespect reveals how he would ‘blow Fortnite and PUBG out of the water’

David Purcell
PUBG / GFUEL / Epic Games

Twitch streamer Fortnite and PUBG out of the water, in his latest scathing attack against the games’ developers. 

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It’s fair to say that the popular streamer refuses to mince his words when addressing the current state of the two games, but now he seems to have gone a step further by suggesting that he could do better. 

Not only does The Doc think that both developers are “overrated,” but now he believes – with the right backing – that he really could be capable of putting together a better game than the two current battle royale market leaders.

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Epic GamesDr Disrespect thinks he could develop a game better than Fortnite, the world renowned free-to-play game.

Could Dr Disrespect do better than Fortnite and PUBG?

“They’re kind of the exact same [Epic Games and Bluehole],” he said, after streaming PUBG. “It’s such a weird thing and it sucks that the industry is being dominated by these two idiot developer groups.”

The Doc continued: “Man if I had my own studio, I’d blow both of these fucking games out of the water. I’m so passionate and I know that my talent is so much better than all of these overrated developers, I’m telling you.” 

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Dr Disrespect’s past with Call of Duty

Whether or not Dr Disrespect will go on to create his own online video game to compete against the two battle royale titles is unknown at this time, but it’s not like he has no experience in game development. 

  • Read More: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, but whether or not his fans would be happy with him taking a step back from streaming on Twitch to focus on other projects remains to be seen. 

    However, The Doc seems so confident in his abilities that it may be interesting to see him follow through on his comments and develop his own alternative battle royale title. 

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