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Escape from Tarkov

Dr Disrespect roasts Escape from Tarkov’s whacky workbenches

Published: 7/Jan/2020 1:56 Updated: 7/Jan/2020 12:23

by Brent Koepp


Twitch star Dr Disrespect is obsessed with Escape from Tarkov, however he was left baffled when he encountered the game’s workbench system, and exclaimed that it “makes no sense.”

Escape from Tarkov originally released back in 2016, but the Russian developed title exploded in popularity from streamers like Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek playing it on a regular basis.

Twitch is in a craze over the FPS in 2020, and Dr Disrespect is among them, exclaiming he has a “slight addiction” to the game, although during his January 6 broadcast, he found himself not very fond of the workbench system.

Battlestate GamesThe 2016 FPS exploded in popularity on Twitch in 2020.

Doc can’t make sense of Escape from Tarkov’s workbench

In middle of his broadcast, the Two-Time Champion ran into the workbench for the first time, and had a hilarious reaction to it after being left puzzled by how it’s supposed to work.


“A chocolate milk gets you a godd*mn bullet. A chocolate milk and a pack of cigarettes gets you a shotty. Okay. A bu**plug and a strangle rope, green aloe vera drink, and a raspberry Jamba juice,” he mockingly read aloud, as he went over the ingredients at the bench.

The popular streamer then exclaimed, “None of this makes sense to me. And I don’t like it! I can’t stand what I’m looking at here!”

Doc appeared to be overwhelmed by the gun customization at first as well, yelling “can we do one step at a time?!” as he rotated the gun with an insane amount of options.


However, after he examined his weapon and saw his equipped PEQ-15 tactical device attached, he admitted to his viewers that maybe he was wrong. “Okay, this game’s pretty sick!” he said.

The Two-Time then gave props to the developers over their intricate customization system. “I got to give it to these guys, man!”

Despite not being the biggest fan of the workbench, the streamer has admitted before that “he has a lot to learn,” so perhaps the more he dives into the FPS title, the more he will learn to love it.

Dr Disrespect continues to be one of the top streamers on Twitch, with over 3.9 million followers on his channel, and consistently pulling in 30,000 viewers a broadcast.