Zoe LaVerne returns to social media amid underage fan controversy

. 2 years ago
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TikTok star Zoe LaVerne has slowly returned to various social media platforms following a week of explosive allegations regarding her conduct with a thirteen-year-old fan.

Suspicions surrounding 19-year-old LaVerne’s relationship with the fan initially arose after a conversation between ex-boyfriend Cody Orlove and ex-best friend Amber VanPelt was leaked, wherein the latter claimed that LaVerne’s relationship with the fan was “intense” and bordered on “p**dophillia”.

Despite the TikTok star vehemently denying these accusations live, alongside the fan, it wasn’t long until videos were leaked that showed her kissing and ‘twerking’ on the fan. This then led to allegations that LaVerne had sexually assaulted the fan.

While LaVerne was initially quiet on the issue – shutting down her Instagram account and ceasing posting on her other platforms – she eventually addressed the accusations on her private fan account, admitting that she “caught feelings” for the youngster.

Since then, she has slowly begun to return to her public social media accounts. She reactivated her Instagram on 31 October and also posted on her Snapchat, telling fans that she was “getting help” and “starting therapy soon”, as well as mentioning that although she and the fan currently have no contact, they would be addressing the situation together too.


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so zoe has reactivated on insta and posted this on snap😬

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She also posted details of a Snapchat group chat she was added to on her story which was titled ‘Zoe Sl*t your Wrists’: “I realize why everyone is mad at me and disgusted… trust me I get it I am mad at myself too… but please stop these group chats they aren’t helping”.

LaVerne then proceeded to post a series of Halloween-related TikToks to her account. In one video, which depicted her dancing to the song, ‘Where Is the Love’, captioning it with, “Me coming back to TikTok after getting cancelled for the 100th time.”

However, as pointed out by celebrity reporter Perez Hilton on Instagram page TikTok Room, LaVerne has seemingly turned her comments off on TikTok.

“She’s definitely getting canceled over this!” Hilton said.

Meanwhile, the 13-year-old fan posted on his Instagram story to confirm that while he plans on publicly “addressing all of this soon”, he wants to wait until he is “stable enough” to do so. He also denied allegations that LaVerne assaulted him in the same post.

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