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Zoe Laverne blasted for response to Charli D’Amelio becoming TikTok queen

Published: 3/Jul/2020 19:49

by Virginia Glaze


Social media star Charli D’Amelio became TikTok’s most followed creator in late March — but it seems that not everyone was happy with her success, as told by newly-released footage of fellow TikTokker Zoe Laverne.

Zoe Laverne recently made headlines due to her surprising split with ex-boyfriend and influencer Cody Orlove, accusing the content creator of physical abuse against her throughout their relationship.

In a YouTube video responding to Laverne’s accusations, Orlove claimed that Laverne had made the her allegations as a “planned” attempt to derail his career, and “proved” his point with an older video taken when D’Amelio surged to the top of TikTok.

Zoe Laverne Instagram selfie.
Zoe Laverne, Instagram
TikTokker Zoe Laverne is facing backlash after ex-boyfriend Cody Orlove released footage that showed Laverne crying over the possibility of Charli D’Amelio surpassing her in followers.

In the clip shown in Orlove’s video, Laverne can be seen sitting on the floor, sobbing as she expresses her dislike of D’Amelio and worry that she will be surpassed in followers on the viral video app.

“I have literally been crying about this for like, an hour,” Laverne says. “It’s just so, like, pathetic that she like, comes in and almost passes me… she’s so close to passing me, and everybody’s reminding me that she’s gonna pass me!”

“I just want to prove to this b**ch that I am better than her, because I am Zoe f**king Laverne, and I am literally the star of TikTok!” she continued. “And TikTok is putting me down and lifting her up, and I’m about to go to TikTok headquarters and strangle their necks.”

(Clip starts at 11:22)

Despite Laverne’s own fears of “becoming irrelevant,” she was far from the only TikTok creator who D’Amelio surpassed on her way to success; the star also overtook singer Loren Gray, who once reigned at the top of the platform with over 41.2 million followers.

After footage of Laverne’s tearful outburst went viral, critics are flaming the TikTokker over her response to D’Amelio’s social media stardom, with many taking issue with her “star of TikTok” comment.

That’s not all; Charli has also unfollowed Laverne on Instagram in wake of the drama — a gesture that Zoe reciprocated in kind.

Laverne later explained the situation in an Instagram Live stream, claiming that she felt like she was “at the lowest point in my life” at the time the video was taken and admitted that she was wrong for putting D’Amelio down, also showing screenshots of her text apology to the star.

Charli has yet to make an official statement regarding the issue.


Dave Chappelle finally tells Joe Rogan when he’ll do a full podcast

Published: 26/Nov/2020 20:34

by Theo Salaun


The Joe Rogan Experience podcast enjoyed a relatively brief appearance by Dave Chappelle on an episode with Donnell Rawlings. And, to the joy of Rogan and Chappelle’s fans, the two set a tentative date for a full show together.

Rogan’s audience is gigantic and, as such, the names on his guest list frequently are as well. But, despite murmings of interest, Chappelle has long eluded one of the podcaster’s extensive interviews. That may soon change, as the iconic comedian confirmed that this new JRE setup in Austin suits his fancies and merits a full appearance.

A little over two hours into Rogan’s episode, No. 1,567, with Rawlings, headsets plopped off, seats got shifted, and both host and guest stood up to make way for a surprise appearance by Chappelle. Rawlings was glad to reunite with his friend from the Chappelle Show and Rogan seemed excited to finally get the comedian on the mic.

All it took was a new bunker studio in Austin, a lit joint, and a cup of coffee before the three were back to talking topics and, without much prying, Chappelle offered to come back on the show for a full episode. The tentative date for that episode? Soon after the presidential inauguration.

For mobile users, the segment begins at 2:30:20.

While spending about an hour chatting would sound like a full podcast to most people, that’s far from what Rogan’s fans have come to expect from his show. So, while Chappelle’s stint on the episode was substantial, he was acutely aware that a more thorough appearance was deserved.

After dapping up Rogan and Rawlings, Chappelle took his seat, got situated with some grass and caffeine, and eventually began discussing how much he enjoys Austin, Texas, along with the new studio.

Joe Rogan interviewing Conor mcgregor
UFC, YouTube
From the ring to the studio, Rogan’s repertoire of interesting interviewees is boundless.

“I like this setup a lot, man. It feels homey. You actually just tricked me into doing a podcast. I’m going to come and do it for real, for real. As a matter of fact, I should come after the inauguration.” 

Rogan, who has mentioned wanting Chappelle on the show numerous times, including in December 2019, was fully on board with the scheduling opportunity: “Let’s do it. That sounds great.”