Charli D’Amelio overtakes Loren Gray to become most followed TikTok star

Virginia Glaze
Charli D'Amelio, Loren Gray - Instagram

Competitive dancer and social media star Charli D’Amelio has finally surpassed fellow content creator Loren Gray as TikTok’s most-followed account after days of steady growth on her profile.

Gray, who sat at the top of TikTok with over 41.2 million followers, has been dethroned as the queen of the viral video platform after steadily reigning as the site’s most-followed account for months.

With a huge audience on both Instagram and YouTube — boasting 18.9m followers and 3.7m subscribers, each — the seventeen-year-old certainly isn’t hurting for viewers, but her famous status on TikTok has now been passed to another.

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Loren Gray, Instagram
TikTok star Loren Gray has been surpassed in followers by fellow celeb Charli D’Amelio, whose quick rise to fame continues to shock fans the world over.

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At just fifteen years old, D’Amelio has also become a young social media sensation, garnering huge numbers seemingly overnight due to her viral dance videos. Now, she sits at 41.3 million TikTok followers, bettering all other users on the platform.

Seeing similar growth on YouTube, alongside the likes of fellow TikToker Addison Rae, D’Amelio is the new generation’s top content creator — but it isn’t all sunshine and roses for the social media celeb.

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Charli D'Amelio, Instagram
Competitive dancer and content creator Charli D’Amelio now sits at the top of TikTok as the site’s most-followed user.

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Despite her success (and moving into the seriously lavish Hype House), Charli revealed that fame comes with a huge cost, claiming that she’s been harassed by past acquaintances and even followed into bathroom stalls by fans hoping to get a picture.

“Some people will try and go live and try to talk bad about me,” she revealed in a video with makeup artist James Charles. “Try to make me look like a person I’m not, in a bad way. It’s weird seeing how people switch up.”

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Charli D'Amelio, YouTube
D’Amelio’s TikTok fame has already seen some backlash, with members of the cosplay community becoming outraged over a video that they felt poked fun at anime fans.

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Despite the competition for follows, it doesn’t look like Gray and D’Amelio have any beef, with Gray even citing the young TikTok star as one of her favorite content creators, alongside other members of the Hype House.

With both TikTokers rising for fame at such a young age, only time will tell where social media stardom takes these two creators next — and considering their massive fanbases, its safe to say they’re here to stay.

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