HusKerrs, Zlaner & Destroy win $100K OpTic Chicago Warzone Invitational event

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Another massive Warzone event has wrapped up, with HusKerrs, ZLaner, and a kill-happy Destroy taking out the $100,000 OpTic Chicago Invitational in an already busy competitive month. From how each team placed, to the prize split, here’s all there is to know.

  • HusKerrs, ZLaner, Destroy clinch top spot
  • Destroy won “Headhunter” prize with 20 eliminations
  • Team Bobbypoff, Team Shotzzy tie in fourth place

In a busy month with the Season 6 update drastically changing Warzone, major tournaments in the battle royale pro scene aren’t slowing down one bit.

Following on from two events in the first week of October, OpTic Chicago was up next with a tournament of its own. $100,000 was up for grabs in one of the biggest events of the month for Warzone’s top Trios.

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In the end, HusKerrs, Destroy (who racked up 20 eliminations), and ZLaner walked away with $60k for first place.

OpTic Chicago $100K Warzone Invitational: Final Placements

Placement Duo Prize
1st HusKerrs, Destroy (Headhunter winner), ZLaner $60k (+10k for Destroy)
2nd Dashy, Clutchbelk, Blazt $20k
3rd Unrational, Aydan, ScummN $10k
4th Bobbypoff, Dillster, FinesenTV
4th Shotzzy, Felo, Pieman
6th Tommey, Newbz, Almond
7th Swagg, Booya, Biffle
8th JoeWo, IceManIsaac, BbreadManW
9th Rated, Mayappo, Otter
10th Repullze, LuckyChamU, SuperEvan

OpTic Chicago $100K Warzone Invitational: Streams & Schedule

The OpTic Chicago $100,000, Warzone Invitational was hosted on the official Call of Duty Twitch channel. The broadcast served as a hub throughout the event, with commentators and hosts keeping fans on top of the action.

The tournament kicked off at 1 PM PT (3 PM CT/9 PM GMT) on Friday, October 8, and lasted five hours, finally finishing at around 4 PM PT.

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OpTic Chicago $100K Warzone Invitational format

The OpTic Chicago invitational event saw teams playing five maps, hunting points earned via battle royale victories and eliminations. These five map scores were then combined for a total score to determine the prize-winning top three.

There was also a Headhunter Challenge (most kills netted $10k) and an OpTic Trickshot Challenge for the first on-stream 360 no-scope.

OpTic Chicago $100K Warzone Invitational: Teams & Players

Given the six-figure prize pool, Warzone’s biggest names and Call of Duty’s top competitors were all eager to jump in. Invited Trios range from popular content creators to OpTic’s very own stars, and the official list included a good mix of content creators, pro players, and top-tier Warzone talent. 

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The official list of competitors for the OpTic Warzone event

For more events coming in the near future check out Dexerto’s official Warzone calendar.

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