YouTuber ZHC covers $10m mansion with paint in biggest project yet

Alice Hearing
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Popular YouTuber Zachary ‘ZHC’ Hsieh has painted an entire house worth $10 million in his latest video, in one of his most insane projects yet.

The 21-year-old has a whopping 15 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and is well-known for often collaborating with influencers or gifting incredible works of art to other internet stars.

More recently ZHC gifted a custom-design white jeep to TikToker Addison Rae featuring colorful fruit and an Addison Rae sticker. The car has been glimpsed multiple times in videos with the Hype House. Lil Huddy and Charli D’Amelio were also involved in a video where he gave them custom-designed iPhone 11s.

In his latest video, ZHC can be seen walking into a completely bare mansion worth $10 million with his team of other artists. He described this as the biggest project he has ever attempted.

ZHC giant mansion paint house
The huge house took 30 days to paint in full.

At first, it looks as though this challenge he’s set himself is impossible, especially since he added another layer to the already difficult task: if the team doesn’t finish customizing the house in 30 days, they have to give away the whole house.

He set himself the task of painting a dragon that stretched from one side of the house to the other. This singular design took the entire 30 days to complete, and he even had to buy and assemble a scaffold in the process.

Other designs included a giant hole in the wall looking into space, an explosion of fruit, and a giant light bulb. The group of artists also painted a life-sized mural of ZHC himself by drawing around his body and tracing a projection on the wall.

His subscriber’s also got to make their own contributions. Some subscribers sent their creations to be put up in the giant gallery of a house, and others came to the mansion to paint on the walls in person, with one creating a Simpson’s version of ZHC and his girlfriend. Three more subscribers arrived at the house to compete in a finger-painting challenge for the chance to win a custom painted MacBook Pro.

ZHC showed off other insanely impressive features in his house too, including a home cinema, a smoothie bar, a new art studio complete with LED lights, and a pit of candy for his girlfriend.

While the team managed to complete the challenge in 30 days, ZHC teased that he might give away an entire house in the future.

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