YouTuber ZHC surprises Zach King with custom van – but at a cost

Alice Hearing
YouTuber ZHC gifts van to Zach KingInstagram: zhcomicart

YouTuber and artist ZHC has surprised TikToker Zach King with his very own custom-painted van – but in order to keep the vehicle, he had to complete a difficult challenge. 

ZHC is known for his insane artwork, often done to a huge scale, which he gifts to fellow creators in the form of their very own custom-painted luxury items. In the past, ZHC has given Addison Rae her own custom Jeep, Charli D’Amelio an iPad and MacBook, and Mr. Beast a custom Tesla.

The latest internet superstar to get an amazing gift from ZHC is former vine star-turned-TikToker Zach King, best known for his slick magical illusions, which has amassed him a jaw-dropping 53 million followers on the app.

This time around, ZHC and his team of artists painted a colorful and detailed rainbow splatter design onto a white van over several days to surprise Zach. On the back of the van, the team glued on two canvases on each of the back doors to make it look like paint was going onto the canvas.

YouTuber ZHC gifts van to Zach KingInstagram: zhcomicart
Zach and ZHC lived inside the van for 24 hours

The design wasn’t restricted to just the exterior, as the van was pimped with wooden paneling for the walls and a light-up ceiling to look like a starry sky. They also added in a mini-fridge, a lamp and a TV.

However, keeping the van came with a catch: ZHC gave Zach, his girlfriend Michelle, and himself the challenge of living inside of the van for 24 hours, and if any of them stepped out, they had to gift the colorful van to one of their subscribers.

Stepping inside, both creators regretted not having gone to the toilet first as they were forced to pee inside plastic cartons the entire time. For food and drink, they ordered directly to the van or bought takeaway from a drive-through restaurant.

Throughout the day, the pair stopped off to chat to subscribers and passers-by, handing them custom painted iPhones as well as handfuls of cash. In the evening, they entertained themselves by going to see a movie at a drive-in.

To Zach’s relief, they managed to stay inside the van the entire time, and he was able to use the van for one of his illusion videos.