YouTubers De’arra and Ken finally reveal wedding date and baby plans

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YouTube power couple De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker, collectively known as ‘De’arra & Ken 4 Life,’ have lifted the lid on their wedding plans, including when the pair will finally tie the knot, and when they’ll start trying for kids.

Online superstars Taylor and Walker have built a huge following by giving insights into their relationship. Over the past half-decade, nearly 6 million fans have joined their “DK4L” family, tuning in for pranks, insights on love, and more.

The power couple took their relationship to the next level during a vacation in Greece, when Walker pulled off a surprise proposal to his long-term sweetheart on September 16, leaving many fans eagerly awaiting the wedding.

Now, six months after the initial happy news, the DK4L pair have laid out all their upcoming plans surrounding the big day, from when they plan to tie the knot, where the pair will host the event, and who they’re going to invite.

As well as their wedding news, Taylor and Walker also confirmed what fans have been about theorizing for some time: the pair are planning to have a child sometime soon, and hopefully grow their YouTube family to three, or more.

De’arra and Ken have finally revealed to fans when they’re going to celebrate their big day.

When are De’arra and Ken getting married?

According to De’arra and Ken, who lifted the lid on everything their 6m followers had been wondering over the past few months in a tell-all YouTube Q&A released on February 25, the upcoming wedding would be held next year.

Taylor admitted she wanted to “wait at least a bit” so that the couple weren’t rushing their plans, and added she “wouldn’t want the wedding in 2020.” Instead, she wants to wait “a lot longer,” which Walker agrees with completely.

“2021 for sure… that is what we’re saying. 2021, save the date,” the 25-year-old added after his fiancée stumbled over trying to explain when she wants the big day to be held. “There’s a chance it may be in 2022, but we’re aiming for 2021.”

The power couple also confirmed they wouldn’t be holding their wedding in a church. While they have plans for it to be “massive, and grand,” they want to make sure it’s special because of the setting, not because of “some old building.”

Ken prpposes to De'arra
After five years together, Ken finally got down on one knee and proposed in Greece.

YouTube’s power couple tease TV special for the big day

That’s not the only big news the couple had surrounding the wedding though — according to the YouTube pair, fans should keep their eyes peeled for some kind of documentation around the day, whether it be a TV special or something else.

“We can’t really say too much because there’s some things still up in the air, we put that out in the atmosphere a bit but we can’t explain it all just yet,” Walker admitted when one viewer asked if fans would be able to tune in to the marital celebrations.

Ken and De'arra appear in fancy dress on Instagram
De’arra and Ken are aiming for 2021 for their wedding to give them time to prepare.

Luckily for those superfans who want to make sure they’re front and center—either online, or in real life—for perhaps DK4L’s biggest moment yet, they also didn’t rule out the possibility of their loyal followers being able to attend.

“Will DKGang be able to go to the wedding? This is a question that we’ve got a lot, since we got engaged… a lot of people think we’ll see tickets to our wedding,” Taylor said. “We won’t be selling tickets to anything. Supports may be invited.”

Walker added they weren’t sure if that was set in stone yet, because there are “fans who have been watching since the beginning, and some who have been around for a month,” and both stars wanted to avoid “leaving anyone out.”

For mobile readers, the related segment begins at 3:39 in the video below.

DK4L unveil plans to start a family “straight away”

What Walker and Taylor didn’t leave out, however, was their plans around consummating the wedding, and “get started on making a family.” 

According to the couple, who said they’d spoken at length about it, they were planning to kick that part off “straight away.”

In fact, De’arra has plans to triplets straight off the bat. She may not even wait until they are on their honeymoon, she said with a coy smile.

“I’m 100%,… no 250%… no 500% sure that I want kids right after the wedding. We’re going to get started like not even the honeymoon, on the wedding day, and hopefully, it’ll be triplets when we do, fingers crossed,” De’arra said.

The YouTube couple could be facing a busy few years, after De’arra revealed she wants triplets.

So, it looks like the DK4L wedding show is finally on the road. While there is no day and date locked in by the couple, Spring rolls around in Atlanta, Georgia—where the couple are going to get married—in June, so expect sometime around then.

Until that special day, however, it looks like De’arra and Ken’s fans will just have to keep hearing about the “joys of engagement,” which both YouTube stars said they’re enjoying more than either actually expected.

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