YouTuber WhistlinDiesel helps 14-year-old fan after school impounds his tractor

Dylan Horetski
Whistlin Diesel TractorYouTube: WhistlinDiesel

YouTuber Cody ‘WhistlinDiesel’ Detwiler was reached out by a 14-year-old kid after his school impounded his tractor, stating it’s “illegal to drive on the road.” The YouTuber responded by sending hundreds more into the school. 

WhistlinDiesel has amassed almost four million subscribers on YouTube with his off-the-wall car-related content. Some of his most iconic videos involve a monster truck he dubbed ‘Monster Max.’

In a recent video, Cody revealed that a 14-year-old high schooler named Braedon Baker messaged him on Instagram. Baker explained that he drove his tractor into school one day, and shortly after he arrived, he was called into the main office and the police impounded the tractor.

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The kid asked Detwiler to post an attached image as a meme on his profile, but the YouTuber had another trick up his sleeve.

YouTube: WhistlinDiesel
WhistlinDiesel has gained almost four million followers with his off-the-wall YouTube videos.

WhistlinDiesel sends hundreds of tractors

After Baker sent the message to Detwiler, the YouTuber made a post requesting his fans to call into the town’s school and/or Police station to ask why they impounded the tractor.

Thousands of fans flooded the phone lines to the point where the police called Braedon’s parents, asking them to put an end to the phone calls.

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“I’ll stop when the police apologize,” WhistlinDiesel said.

(Topic starts at 2:20 in the video)

At that point, Detwiler decided to take things a little bit further as he made another Instagram post. This time, he posted the location of the school and said that he would pay $500 to everybody that rode their tractors onto the campus.

The next day, hundreds of people from around the area (including some that don’t even attend the school) drove their tractors to the school campus to ‘protest’ the actions taken against the 14-year-old.

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WhistlinDiesel went on to reveal that their actions led the school to create dedicated tractor parking, as well as creating an annual day where kids band together to ride their tractors into class.

When it comes to the people that were involved in the original tractor impounding, however, the YouTuber read a message from an anonymous source stating that they were fired from their jobs.

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