YouTuber Pyrocynical sends Kanye West a meme, gets followed, immediately asks him to play Fortnite

Calum Patterson

Popular gaming YouTuber Pyrocynical couldn’t believe his luck when Kanye West followed him on Twitter after he sent him a ridiculous meme, and immediately followed it up by asking to play Fortnite with him.

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Drake and Ninja playing Fortnite together was big – but could there be a new Fortnite rap rivalry? Pyrocynical wants to team up with Drake’s rival Kanye West.

Kanye, who recently returned to Twitter, has been using the social platform more loosely than is perhaps normal for one of the most famous and controversial people on the planet, following numerous strange accounts and retweeting silly videos and memes.

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Some of his recent follows include ‘Funny Or Fact (a meme account that had been inactive for over a year) and ‘People but with small heads’, which shares pictures of celebrities with their heads shrunk.

And it seems Kanye really likes people editing celebrities’ appearance to make them look silly, as Pyrocynical was rewarded with a follow after tweeting an image of Kanye West with shrunken facial features.

It was in response to a rather random tweet from Kanye which simply stated ‘McDonalds is my favorite restaurant’.

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Kanye, clearly entertained by the image, immediately followed Pyrocynical, as fellow YouTuber Dolan Dark pointed out.

After realizing his good luck, Pyrocynical sent Kanye West a message asking him to play to play Fortnite – inspired by Ninja’s record breaking Twitch stream playing Fortnite with Drake.

It doesn’t look like Kanye has responded to Pyrocynical’s offer, but the Hip Hop legend and fashion designer has previously voiced his love for video games.

Kanye West originally started making music to go with video games he was making as a teenager, and also has a video game development arm of his Yeezy company.