KEEMSTAR to quit YouTube? Censor also hints at frustration with the platform

Virginia Glaze

Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem may have just announced his departure from YouTube – and other major names are sympathizing with him, too.

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KEEMSTAR announced his ‘retirement’ from the platform in a Tweet on November 3, claiming that he’d been getting 50% less views due to YouTube being ‘broken.’

“I am officially retiring from YouTube,” KEEMSTAR wrote. “I’m not going to upload videos and get 50% less views because of (BROKEN YOUTUBE) nope. The video last night is only 400k lol, that’s fucking impossible for my channel! Easy 1M by now. Bye hoes!”

KEEMSTAR went on to claim that three of his employees had not received an upload notification in their inbox from the Drama Alert episode posted on November 2. He also cited newscaster Philip DeFranco’s drop in views, which KEEM claimed was 40% less than his usual numbers.

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KEEMSTAR wasn’t the only one to express frustration with YouTube, either. Recently retired Call of Duty pro Censor appeared to sympathize with KEEMSTAR’s grievances, as well.

“You’re not alone,” Censor wrote in a reply to KEEM’s Tweet.

While Censor hasn’t made any direct claims about leaving the platform, he did express additional dissatisfaction with the internet overall in a previous Tweet. Could he be up for yet another major lifestyle change in the near future?

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KEEMSTAR and other major YouTubers have been calling out YouTube’s ‘broken’ system for a while now; In fact, massively popular creator Markiplier even theorized that YouTube’s issues are due to the deletion of Google Plus. 

While this theory has yet to be proven true, it looks like KEEMSTAR isn’t waiting on a solution to the problem.