YouTuber More Plates More Dates calls out Logan Paul’s PRIME Hydration marketing

Self-improvement YouTuber ‘More Plates More Dates’ has called out Logan Paul and his marketing methods for PRIME Hydration.

KSI’s and Logan Paul’s PRIME Hydration has become immensely popular since its launch in early 2022, with the two YouTube stars experiencing overwhelming demand for the drink from their fans.

In fact, it’s still almost impossible for you to get your hands on the hydration drink in the UK, selling out almost instantly every time it’s put on the shelves.

There’s no doubt the two former boxing rivals have done a splendid job of promoting PRIME. But, Derek from the YouTube channel More Plates More Dates has a bit of criticism.

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More Plates More Dates slams Logan Paul’s PRIME marketing

In an October 11 video, the self-improvement YouTuber had a few words for Logan, who’s been very outspoken on how great PRIME is compared to its competitors. But, he isn’t exactly painting the whole picture while going after the likes of Gatorade and Liquid IV.

While Logan notes the difference in sugar, carbs, calories and electrolytes — in which PRIME seemingly beats them all — More Plates More Dates claims he’s misrepresenting their purpose.

“He very much represents this sort of blanket statement where sugar is bad, calories are bad and stratifying electrolytes,” he said. “Instead of doing that, rather he lumps them all together as like electrolytes cumulatively, but doesn’t mention what is actually in it.”

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Logan Paul holds a Prime drinkInstagram: drinkprime
Logan Paul & KSI’s Prime Hydration has been a huge hit with fans.

“There are different circumstances in which you’d want one or the other, to be frank,” Derek added. “When he lumps them together as if it is an electrolyte is an electrolyte, it’s like do you know the composition of sweat that even comes out of your f**king face when you’re exercising bro? I don’t think so. I think you think all this sh*t is the same.

He continued: “For you to go at Liquid IV, ready to like chop their head off, when you don’t even know the what the difference is and why it would be useful to maybe have some sodium in there is actually kind of laughable, to be honest.”

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More Plates More Dates pointed out how PRIME uses sucralose, an artificial sweetener that makes the drink taste good while keeping low sugar, adding that the purpose is an enjoyable daily drink — “not a performance-based athlete-focused electrolyte blend.”

Regardless, PRIME has still shaken up the hydration formula market. With Logan’s eyes set on a billion dollar evaluation, it’s likely that it won’t take long for the two YouTubers to get there.