YouTuber kwebbelkop quitting 15m channel to replace himself with VTuber

Sam Comrie
A screenshot of YouTube Kwebbelkop.
YouTube: kwebbelkop

YouTuber kwebbelkop has decided to change the direction of his content after an experiment with VTubing proved to be more immensely profitable. He now plans to “quit” YouTube, or at least his main channel.

Jordi Maxim van den Bussche, AKA kwebbelkop to 15 million subscribers, is a content creator known for Vlogging, GTA and reaction content on YouTube. Initially part of PewDiePie’s short-lived network Revelmode, kwebbelkop moved onto new pastures and began to create videos with Vtubers Bloo and Jam.

Now, in a surprise change of direction, kwebbelkop has announced that he will be quitting YouTube and replacing himself with a VTuber.

An image of YouTuber kwebbelkop
YouTube: kwebbelkop
Kwebbelkop eventually began creating content with popular streamer Hasan in 2020.

Kwebbelkop addresses fans with a new direction

In a thread of tweets on December 18, kwebbelkop announced to his followers that he’d be quitting YouTube. While the kwebbelkop channel won’t be gone entirely, the presence of the YouTube himself will be removed in favor of a VTuber.

Summarising his achievements, the YouTuber stated “in 2022 I will have uploaded 10 years, every single day. From 2012 till 2022. And it’s my goal to retire in 2022. Here’s how I plan to do it.”

“After investing a few million € of my own money I’m happy to announce the next generation of influencer. The V-Tuber,” he declared with a graphic of Bloo’s VTuber aesthetic.

The decision to change his content hasn’t come lightly, as the path to creating his VTuber persona has led to numerous tests: “But what about the voice? Problem solved. We have Disney-grade AI software that can turn anyone’s voice into the desired voice.”

Kwebbelkop noted how VTubers are “infinitely scalable” due to their artificial nature, which means they “can’t die” or “leave a company.” It also means the creator can approach more diverse audiences, as “they can speak any language and be at multiple places at the same time.”

The YouTuber won’t be retiring just yet, as they are waiting to maximize their profits from fellow collaborator Bloo: “I plan to retire from making Kwebbelkop videos once Bloo revenue surpasses the revenue generated by my main channel. Let’s just say that it’s 70% of the way there!”

Vtubing has become increasingly popular on both YouTube and Twitch, allowing creators to tap into multiple audiences at once. Originating in Japan, these digital avatars are fastly becoming the future of content creation.