YouTuber’s home raided after driving “clown car” through McDonald’s drive-thru

YouTuber Sammy Eyles from Built Not Bought in front of defective carYouTube: Built Not Bought

YouTuber Sammy Eyles, known for his channel ‘Built Not Bought’, takes great pride in his high effort car modifications, but one of his stunts caught the eye of the Queensland Police in Australia, resulting in some big trouble for the content creator.

Posting dangerous stunts on social media has become something of a trend. And in one of Built Not Bought’s videos, one of his personalized cars literally flipped over, speaking volumes towards the nature of his creative works.

The driver and individuals involved appear unharmed in the video, but dangers put on display in the video are undeniable.

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The creator has had multiple run ins with the police prior to the entire situation blowing up in his face, with one of the first having occurred after going to a McDonald’s drive-thru.

Though they initially let him go, his viral videos showcasing consistent breaking of the law through unregulated modifications on vehicles, which the authorities labeled as defective upon inspection, brought the attention of the Queensland Police.

According to the New York Post, the police raided the content creator’s home, taking “all [his] hard drives, computers, phones, cameras, everything.” Five of his cars were labeled defective by the police, and two of them were seized. SID, the car shown in the videos above, was included among the vehicles taken from Eyles.

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Eyles was arrested and charged with multiple counts of “dangerous operation of a motor vehcile”, including “careless driving”, operating a “defective vehicle”, and driving “with passengers unrestrained”.

But it wasn’t just the main creator who is in trouble. Nine others, who were involved in the Eyles’ network, also received Traffic Infringement notices.

As of now, the amount owed sums up to $27,800, a number which may continue to rise as the police continue their investigations.