TikToker goes viral for rage quitting nasty McDonald’s job: “I ain’t cleaning that!”

mcdonalds employee quits jobTikTokfionnmccallum470

A McDonald’s employee is going viral on TikTok for quitting his job in an epic fashion after being tasked with cleaning up a nasty mess in the restaurant.

We’ve seen quite a few workers quit their jobs on TikTok over the years, but no one may have left with more of an impact than user ‘fionnmccallum470,’ who had enough of his duties.

In a clip that the TikToker had to reupload, the young man revealed he had been asked to clean up some disgusting cooking equipment – and had no intention of ever completing the task.

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“They really thought I was going to clean that,” he remarked. “Hell no, I am not cleaning that, I ain’t cleaning that.”

After walking away, the TikToker waltzed up to his manager to inform her that he would be quitting, and she was not ‘lovin’ it.’

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“Get back here!” she screamed, following him to the exit as Fionn hightailed it out of the building with a huge grin on his face.

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“I quit! I’m leaving. See you on the flip side, b*tch!” he snickered.

TikTok reacts to McDonald’s employee quitting job

In the comments, users both voiced support for the TikToker and took issue with how he handled the situation.

“Bruh, Dominos was worse,” one said. “We closed at 12 and I came out when the sun was up.”

“This guy’s gonna have such a hard time finding another job,” another warned about future career opportunities.

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“Bro, that was barely anything for close washup,” someone else commented.

It’s unclear if the TikToker really did quit his job or if he did it all for a video. In any case, as revealed by the McDonald’s worker, the original upload managed to pull in over 3 million views before it was eventually taken down, making it quite viral.

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