Malu Trevejo in tears on Instagram Live after house break-in: “I know who did this”

Malu trevejo in tears after alleged home invasionInstagram: malutrevejo

Cuban singer and TikTok star Malu Trevejo went live on Instagram in a tearful broadcast where she claimed that her home had been broken into, saying she knows the perpetrator.

Malu Trevejo is one part singer and one part social media star, boasting over 25 million followers on TikTok, where fans flock to get a closer look at the life of their favorite music artist.

However, these viewers were left stunned after Trevejo went live on Instagram on December 1, in tears as she claimed her home had been broken into.

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“Look what just happened to me,” she began before showing off photos of her damaged house. “And the fact is that I know who did this, too. Broke into my house, took all my sh*t.”

In the photos that she showed, it looks like the thief shattered one of her windows and broke a sliding glass door. She also shared a photo of a bedroom with items strewn across the floor in a far corner.

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Malu Trevejo shocks fans with emotional Instagram Live after home invasion

Although she didn’t name any names, she did elaborate on the situation, saying that the break-in likely happened due to people she’s been working with.

“This has been happening because of the people I’ve been working with in the past have been doing sh*t to me,” she continued, sobbing. “I can’t stay quiet no more. …I’m so tired! I’m so tired.”

“I’ve been trying to hide everything that’s been going on, but I can’t no more. I don’t care. I don’t have a manager.”

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Responses to Trevejo’s heart wrenching live stream have been mixed, with some commenters levying a critical eye at the influencer for being so emotional about a personal issue in front of her viewers, while others are showering her with support amid the devastating news.

“I wanted to tell you that you’re going to be okay,” one fan wrote on her most recent Instagram post. “I can’t really tell you HOW I know, but I DO KNOW that you are going to be okay in the long run.”

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“I hope she’s alright, that’s super scary,” another said.

“Even though I don’t like her that much, she doesn’t deserve this,” another commenter added. “She has been dealing with this for years and she’s never safe, and that’s sad.”

The commenter is referencing yet another time that Trevejo experienced some hardships in her life. In 2020, the TikToker accused her parents of abuse, saying that her mother “wasn’t feeding me food for like, two or three weeks on purpose.”

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Although Malu has yet to comment on the break-in at the time of writing, she did post a screenshot of a text message with someone to her Instagram stories, where someone tells her: “I’m just very happy you were here safe and not there.”

malu trevejo instagram stories screenshotInstagram: malutrevejo

We’ll keep you updated on this ongoing story right here at Dexerto.

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