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YouTuber FlightReacts responds after girlfriend shuts down Twitch stream during argument

Published: 20/Mar/2021 12:57 Updated: 21/Mar/2021 17:40

by Luke Edwards


YouTube and Twitch streamer Kimani ‘Flight’ Kamiru-White has responded after his now ex-girlfriend turned off his stream during an argument.

FlightReacts is one of YouTube’s biggest reaction channels. Boasting over 4.6 million subscribers, Flight frequently posts reaction videos to NBA games and, more recently, has focused on developing his music career.

Alongside his music and reaction videos, Flight is a big gaming streamer, who predominantly plays NBA 2K. He has also regularly played Fortnite duos with girlfriend Andrea ‘Dreyahh’ Gonzalez, a Fortnite streamer herself with nearly 60,000 Twitch followers.

However, the couple were in the spotlight for the wrong reasons on March 19 when Flight was midway through streaming a reaction to rapper DDG’s new single, Rule #1. Flight and Dreyahh got into an argument which resulted in Dreyahh switching the stream off.


Dreyahh had asked Flight for a conversation, but Flight requested she hold off until he finished his stream.

“I told you, stop embarrassing me,” she said, before taking control of Flight’s computer. “You’re b****ing me around.”

Fans were immediately concerned for Flight, who became a father for the first time on March 3. Concern turned to confusion when Dreyahh later explained that, despite their feud, the couple was still together.

However, FlightReacts has since explained his side of the story, where he expressed how he felt he was “held hostage” by Dreyahh, before eventually convincing her to leave his house after five hours of trying.


Flight explained he would release a video fully explaining the situation. He also contradicted Dreyahh’s claims they are still together, by classing himself as single.

Update 21/03/2021:

Flight later released a full explanation, where he claimed Dreyahh was put out by him reacting to rapper DDG’s video, which contained scantily-clad women.

“At the end of the day, Andrea’s a really good woman, she has a good heart,” he added. “She’s just really crazy and psycho.”

The couple ended up having a fight which escalated to the point the police were called after neighbours issued a noise complaint.


Dreyahh has since tweeted claims that Flight has assaulted her on at least one occasion, which he is yet to respond to.