YouTuber EmpLemon reveals personal MrBeast story amid criticism for ‘curing blindness’ video

Michael Gwilliam
emplemon and mrbeast on youtube

Popular YouTuber EmpLemon has shared his own personal story he had meeting MrBeast after he sparked backlash for curing blindness for 1,000 people in a video.

MrBeast has found himself in a bizarre predicament after he uploaded a viral video where he foot the bill for 1,000 people to have life-changing cataract removal surgery.

The video ended up resulting in users across the internet debating MrBeast’s intentions, with some even calling it “demonic” and “charity p*rn.”

Amid the discussion, YouTuber EmpLemon revealed that he actually had quite an interesting meeting with MrBeast when he contacted him to talk about content creation.

EmpLemon shares personal story about MrBeast

According to EmpLemon, after he posted a video about Leafy, MrBeast reached out to him on Twitter, explaining that he was a fan of his videos and wanted to talk about the creative process.

“This was back when I had ~300K subs, and he had 3 Million,” EmpLemon added.

The YouTuber explained that MrBeast actually asked him for advice and recalled that he was “anything but arrogant” during their discussion on Discord back in 2018.

“Even as he was massively blowing up in the algorithm, he never once acted condescending or ‘above’ me. It was like talking to anyone else,” EmpLemon said.

“I brought up the topic of money, and he seemed utterly indifferent towards the wealth/status he was accruing. He would change the subject back towards whatever videos he was planning. He was passionate about YouTube, and YouTube only. He wanted to be the best creator out there.”

The documentary creator noted that he wasn’t sure what kind of person MrBeast is today.

However, he had some very interesting words for those attacking Jimmy over his wealth and stats.

“I always got the impression that he was simply using it as a means to an end,” he concluded.

We’ll have to see what’s next for MrBeast in the months ahead, especially as the YouTuber even hinted at running for President of the United States.