MrBeast claps back after Jacksepticeye claims he “ruined YouTube”

MrBeast claps back after Jacksepticeye claims he ruined YouTubeInstagram: mrbeast / Instagram: jacksepticeye

A polygraph test had ‘Jacksepticeye’ admit that he didn’t like ‘MrBeast’ and believed the popular creator “ruined YouTube.” Now MrBeast has responded, calling the accusation “insanely disrespectful.”

YouTube’s philanthropists are beefing after Jacksepticeye admitted during a polygraph test that he didn’t like MrBeast. The answer was deemed truthful, with Jack continuing to roast the content creator by answering “yes” when asked whether MrBeast “ruined YouTube.”

“[YouTube] became more about views, money, and popularity than it did about having fun,” Jack explained. “If he had fun doing those videos, they’d be longer.”

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The clip caused an uproar online and was eventually seen by MrBeast himself, who called Jack’s comments “insanely disrespectful.”

Responding via Twitter, MrBeast wrote, “Sooo, I ‘ruined YouTube’ because I didn’t buy a mansion and sports cars and instead reinvested my [money] into making content/focused on doing good and inspiring kids to help people?”

He also expressed bafflement over Jack’s comment surrounding the length of his videos, saying he wouldn’t have given up “every hour” of his life for the last 14 years if he didn’t enjoy what he was doing.

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MrBeast concluded that there was “so much” he could say about Jack’s content, but ultimately decided to “take the punches and be the bigger man.”

While many fans rushed to defend MrBeast, some felt Jack’s comments had been misunderstood.

“I don’t think he’s blaming you directly but more the impact your content has had on copycats rising up trying to simulate your growth whilst crushing all form of uniqueness and personality out of their YouTube videos,” one person wrote. “It’s definitely changed the culture of what making videos once was.”

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