Twitch streamer kicked out of Office Depot after bringing whole setup to store

Michael Gwilliam
twitch streamer kaneljoseph kicked out of office depot

A Twitch streamer was ordered to leave Office Depot after bringing his entire setup and began streaming.

IRL streams can be some of the wildest content on any platform due to the unpredictability of the broadcasts. We’ve seen fires spread during cooking streams, scary fights breaking out, and all sorts of other shenanigans.

Some IRL streams even begin quite tame, but they don’t always end that way. Such is the case for Twitch streamer ‘KanelJoseph’ who brought his setup into an Office Depot.

During the February 28 broadcast, Joseph had brought his camera and other gear into the store and had set it up at a desk area only to have an employee threaten to call security if he didn’t get up and leave.

Office Depot employee threatens to call security on Twitch streamer

As Joseph was in the middle of his stream, an employee walked up and began telling him how it was against company policy for him to be filming inside the store.

“I’m just trying to become the next part-time streamer,” Joseph pleaded, but his words fell on deaf ears.

“Time to pack up,” the employee said, holding his ground. “Or I’ll have security remove you.”

Furthermore, the Office Depot employee accused Joseph of lying to him for saying he just wanted to see what his system would look like on the desk, not that he would be streaming from inside the store.

“You’re not testing it out in the store! I mean, I let you set it up, but you can’t run it,” he explained. “You’re gonna have to go. I’m calling security right now.”

While the streamer tried to keep arguing his case, the worker had enough and walked away, warning that he only had a few minutes to gather his things before security would arrive.

Twitch streamer kaneljoseph kicked out of store.
The employee suddenly disconnected the stream.

“L worker,” KanelJoseph sighed.

Eventually, the stream came to a sudden end when the employee appeared to disconnect it, much to the chagrin of the Twitch streamer who begged him not to unplug it.

It’s not known if security had to come and remove Kanel manually, but regardless, it was certainly one of the weirdest ends to what began as a relatively tame Twitch IRL stream.