YouTuber Airrack reveals how he snuck into Jake Paul’s fight unnoticed

Alice Hearing
Airrack sneaks into Jake Paul vs. Nate Robinson
YouTube: Airrack

Up-and-coming YouTuber Eric ‘Airrack’ Decker has revealed that he managed to sneak into Jake Paul’s high-profile boxing match with Nate Robinson on November 29, bagging a million-dollar view for free.

Airrack has been making waves on YouTube throughout 2020, capitalizing on viral content and finding his way into the lives of the likes of Logan Paul and David Dobrik through sheer power of will and confidence.

In one of his more recent insane pranks, the creator and his team set about to trick the internet and news channels into thinking he was behind the mysterious sightings of a man flying a jetpack around LAX.

But Airrack’s appetite for more pranks is only increasing. Having already turned down the offer to join ‘Team 10’ in July, and being floored by Jake in an impromptu boxing match in May, Airrack once again decided to harass the YouTube star by crashing his fight.

Airrack Eric Decker
Instagram: Airrack
Airrack has been making waves on YouTube throughout 2020

Paul knocked out Robinson in the second round of his undercard match at the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Exhibition after a hyped lead-up to the big day made it a major talking point among viewers. Airrack was able to see it go down in the flesh.

The YouTuber explained how they went about figuring out their route inside, “The first step of sneaking in was to climb a nearby skyscraper to scope out the staples center”

After realizing that scoping the venue wouldn’t help, they decided to get a disguise, “We did know that Triller was sponsoring the events, we went and made fake staff shirts. As a final touch, we dressed in all black got walkie-talkie props.”

Airrack joked: “If anybody asks we’re just the Triller boys okay, we’re the Sway boys, I’m Tayler Holder… you can just call me Josh Richards.”

While the disguise helped to an extent, they still needed to find an entrance. “After over an hour of searching, I saw something that looked like a QR code so I decided to scan it which prompted me to open this Google doc, which I then proceeded to fill out essentially putting myself on the list.”

Incredibly, Airrack was able to watch the fight go down from a viewpoint that should have cost him up to $1 million but instead cost him nothing – and he never got caught.