Jake Paul floors Airrack in YouTube sparring match

Jake Paul, YouTube

YouTube star Jake Paul took his talents to the pro boxing ring in January, defeating fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib by TKO in the first round — and now, he’s taken out yet another content creator.

Following his victory over Deji Olatunji in August 2018, Jake met with Gib in Miami for his first professional bout a year later, kicking off his fighting career with a solid win in front of thousands of viewers.

However, that wasn’t the end of his exploits against fellow YouTubers, as revealed in a video uploaded on May 7 that included a surprise boxing match against another social media star.

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During this vlog, Paul was notified that fellow YouTuber Airrack was on his way to the Team 10 mansion — along with the $90,000 couches he’d bought from Logan Paul just a month earlier.

Using the couches as a prize, Airrack challenged Paul to an impromptu sparring match (but not before he signed a contract in case of any serious bodily injury, of course).

With Paul being somewhat inebriated and having the entire ordeal thrown on him last minute, viewers wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up going down — but that wasn’t the case, with the Team 10 founder actually downing Airrack in the very first round.

Jake Paul, YouTube
Despite being inebriated, Jake Paul soundly defeated Airrack in an impromptu sparring match – winning Logan Paul’s infamous $90k couches, in the process.

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That’s not all; after downing Airrack once more, Paul seemed to knocked his opponent out, with Airrack falling slump to the canvas.

“Hey, he lasted longer than Gib!” Jake remarked. “That’s kind of embarrassing!”

“I gotta show respect to the Jake-man,” Airrack commented. “The kid hits hard. You gotta respect it. At the same time, I jumped in the ring — gotta respect that, too.”

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Of course, having won the sparring match, Paul was presented with his “prizes,” which had been customized by YouTube celeb and artist ZHC with a special design.

It doesn’t seem like Paul was too impressed with the pieces, though, noting they would be good furniture for his dogs.

Jake Paul, YouTube
Airrack customized Logan Paul’s $90k couches – but it doesn’t look like Jake was impressed.

Jake’s thoughts aside, it seems that the story of the Logan Paul’s couches has finally come full circle in an unexpected twist — and while Logan was able to get rid of them, they still haven’t left the family, it seems.