YouTuber Airrack challenges Mr Beast to win his $700k private island

Jacob Hale

Up-and-coming YouTuber Eric ‘Airrack’ Decker has made a wager to win Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson’s $700,000 private island off of him — after traveling in his small yacht to reach the Bohemian island.

Airrack has been making waves on YouTube throughout 2020, capitalizing on viral content and finding his way into the lives of the likes of Logan Paul and David Dobrik through sheer power of will and confidence.

Now, though, he’s looking to another top YouTuber, issuing a huge challenge to none other than MrBeast.

Airrack on island with yacht
Airrack used his $100,000 pink yacht to reach the Bahamas.

MrBeast has built his YouTube channel by doing grandiose challenges to give away insane amounts of money and expensive gifts, including a Lamborghini and even a house, but it’s not often someone attempts to wager with him to win something.

For those unaware, in August MrBeast bought a $700,000 private island in the Bahamas, and just days later ended up giving it away for a challenge. The winner was none other than Jimmy’s good friend Chandler, but he might not be the owner for long.

In his latest video, posted on September 9, Airrack employs a bunch of friends to help him get out to the Bohemian island, using the $100,000 pink yacht he pranked Logan Paul with just a week prior.

After spending hours reaching the island, playing in the sand and dining from coconuts, Airrack was finally ready to plant his flag in the ground — but he had a sudden change of heart. “I can’t just take another man’s island,” he said. “I have to earn it. And since this island belongs to Chandler… Chandler, I’m calling you out!”

The challenge is made at 15:27

“Chandler, I found out that you’re pretty good at basketball, baseball and video games,” Airrack continued. “I’m willing to compete with you in any of these three activities, or another of your choosing, to win this island fair and square.”

He also added that should Chandler win the challenge, he would be happy to give up his yacht in exchange, so there really is a lot on the line here. He then asked his viewers to spam Mr Beast’s comment section and social media, demanding that he accept the challenge.

Chandler and MrBeast haven’t yet responded, but a wager like this seems right up their street — so it’ll be interesting to see how this pans out.

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