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MrBeast & friends build “world’s largest LEGO tower” for $50k challenge

Published: 7/Jun/2020 1:34

by Theo Salaun


Always in the spirit of giving (and quirky challenges), MrBeast challenged his friends to create the “world’s largest LEGO tower” for a fat $50,000 prize.

MrBeast trucked in thousands of jumbo LEGO bricks, organized some friends and put $50,000 on the line for yet another wacky challenge. Split into teams, each squad was given 12 hours to build a tower as tall as possible—with the help of heavy machinery and individual inventiveness.

For one team, that inventiveness included sneaking quick-dry cement into their tower’s foundation, for the other, it included an innovative architectural decision: building out two towers and then connecting them, hopefully for enhanced structural integrity.



MrBeast, Youtube
MrBeast in front of his literal truckloads of LEGO blocks.

In typical MrBeast fashion, the challenge had a series of mini-challenges in which teams tried building as high as possible in order not to lose a teammate for 30 minutes or took turns throwing bowling balls and swinging sledge hammers at each other’s ongoing construction.

An expert in motivational tactics, MrBeast’s challenging acts of destruction only served to prepare the teams for what would eventually be a long build into a rainy night. 

After a series of tumultuous happenings, each tower having its turn falling either due to a gust of wind or the weight of itself, one tower (and team) was crowned the winner at 29 feet and 5.5 inches. As for the losing tower? 29 feet and 4.5 inches.



Ultimately, just one inch separated the winners from the losers and got briefcases of money divvied out. And, as is tradition, the winners had just one hour to spend that money.

One of the winners gave his cut to his brother, in order to help him pay off his student loan debts. Another spent all of his winnings on a one-year rental of a house for his mother to live in. Another gave $4,000 to his brother to help him buy a car and $10,000 to his mother to help compensate for her current loss of work.

And the last winner…bought himself a car. But, to be fair, he didn’t already own one and the force must be balanced: they can’t all be completely selfless. As for MrBeast’s own selflessness, many have asked about his efforts during a global movement and the popular YouTuber has already pledged $150,000 to organizations and small businesses.