Mr Beast gives away $90,000 Lamborghini in crazy racing challenge

MrBeast Lamborghini challenge.MrBeast (YouTube)

YouTube star and internet philanthropist Jimmy “Mr Beast” Donaldson has wowed audiences with yet another insane challenge video, giving away an entire Lamborghini sports car as the prize — with an insane catch.

Mr Beast is known far and wide across the net for his viral videos, where he gives away huge amounts of cash to unsuspecting bystanders in creative ways.

However, he’s equally as popular for his humorous challenge videos, tasking his friend group (or random strangers) with impossible tasks for the prize of thousands — and sometimes millions — of dollars.

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MrBeast, YouTube
Mr Beast tasked three of his friends with racing around the city in a time-sensitive obstacle course to score a Lamborghini worth $90,000.

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Mr Beast turned his content up a notch on February 8, unveiling a challenge unlike any he’s done before. Rather than seeing how long his friends can stand up or keep their hand on an object, he tasked them with racing across his city in a hilarious obstacle course.

Their mode of transportation? Lamborghinis, Italian-made luxury cars known for their sleek look and expensive price point.

Mr Beast promised the winner of his obstacle course challenge one of these vehicles, requiring three of his friends to race across the city to complete various tasks before any of their counterparts.

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MrBeast, YouTube
Part of Mr Beast’s crazy Lambo challenge included reenacting scenes from “Shrek” and even buying flowers for strangers.

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Mr Beast’s list of tasks included such ridiculous requirements as swimming five laps in a public pool, axe-throwing, taking photos with strangers in front of their cars, and even reading the entire “Shrek” movie script out loud.

Of course, Mr Beast couldn’t conduct a challenge without a little philanthropy, and even made his buddies buy flowers for complete strangers — leading to some pleasantly surprised reactions from the baffled recipients.

Despite the chaos, the YouTuber’s crew seemed to thoroughly enjoy racing around in the Lambos, with Chris exclaiming, “We’re in Lambos racing and revving across the city. Who else is doing it like this?”

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In the end, Chris ultimately scored the grand prize after successfully scoring a field goal in an empty football stadium.

“This is my dream come true,” Chris admitted upon his victory, and even called his parents to deliver the good news.

MrBeast, YouTube
Mr Beast’s friend and crew member Chris ended up taking home the victory – and a seriously expensive luxury vehicle.

The $90,000 car was even completely paid off, giving an extremely happy end to one of Mr Beast’s most expansive challenge videos to date.

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