YouTuber airrack sneaks a $100k pink Yacht into Logan Paul’s pool

Logan Paul and airrack boat prankYouTube: Airrack / Wikimedia: Erik Drost

YouTuber airrack is known for his crazy antics and ‘sneaking in’ videos, but his latest challenge – sneaking his $100,000 yacht into Logan Paul’s pool – might just be his most ambitious yet.

In the second episode of his ‘yacht series’, airrack – real name Eric – attempts to sneak his $100,000, 27ft yacht into the backyard pool of YouTuber Logan Paul without him noticing.

Having won the yacht from Patty Mayo and towing it all the way from Portland to Los Angeles, he then painted the boat bright pink and wrote “Sub 2 AIRRACK” on the side.

Although the initial list of target houses comprised of the Sway House, Hype House, and Logan Paul’s house, it quickly became clear that the logistics of the first two houses meant they were non-starters for the project.

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Airrack lifts pink yacht over Logan Paul's houseYouTube: Airrack
Getting the $100k, 27ft yacht into Logan Paul’s pool required a lot of planning and an industrial crane.

Sneaking a 27ft yacht into Logan Paul’s pool

This meant that Eric had to go forward with his most difficult plan; Sneaking his 27ft Yacht into Logan Paul’s pool. Despite the insanity of this prank, it’s not the first time Logan has been Eric’s target.

Given that this requires an industrial crane, the bill for this video came to nearly $15k, though he did say he’d “happily empty his bank account to make these videos” so this may be only the first of many big-budget pranks we see from Eric.

With measurements taken and a crane company confirmed, the day arrived. Eric described the stress as “comparable to graduating college or hitting a million subscribers on YouTube… not that I would know what either of those feels like!”

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“I’m not sure the crane is strong enough”

As the crane begins to lift the boat, he does get a little concerned and admits he’s “not even sure the crane is strong enough to lift up the boat” after being asked by one of Logan’s roommates whether he had drained the fluids from the boat (he had not).

Eventually, after a few tense moments, the boat touches down in the pool. Having been woken up to discover a yacht in his back garden, Logan was surprisingly calm, dismissing Eric and “going back to bed” – evidently living with YouTubers desensitizes people to crazy pranks such as this.

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Despite the massive bill and tense moments, it seems the work was all worth it as they threw a “yacht party” in Logan’s pool. With more yacht pranks in the pipeline, it seems we’ll be seeing more of the hot pink $100k yacht on airrack’s channel.