Airrack’s new YouTube challenge could end with MrBeast deleting his channel

Virginia Glaze
mrbeast-could-delete-airrack-youtube-channel-challengeYouTube: Airrack

Airrack’s YouTube videos could end up permanently deleted by MrBeast if he fails his latest challenge before the New Year.

Airrack is a prominent creator on YouTube, where he boasts over 14 million subscribers.

Over the years, Airrack has become known for his over-the-top content, such as trapping 100 strangers together in a completely dark room, making the world’s largest pizza, and even sneaking into celebrity pools to see if he could get away with it.

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Due to the sheer scale and exciting nature of his videos, many viewers have compared his content to that of YouTube king MrBeast — and now, MrBeast might get to have a say in the future of Airrack’s channel.

Airrack Eric DeckerInstagram: Airrack
Airrack has been making waves on YouTube thanks to his over-the-top content.

MrBeast “promises” to delete Airrack’s channel if he fails YouTube challenge

On December 1, Airrack uploaded a video announcing his latest wild challenge. This time, he plans on traveling across the globe in 30 days — but the catch is, he must upload a video every single day, lest his entire channel get deleted by MrBeast… and it looks like MrBeast is good for the task.

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“I literally have his YouTube channel and I promise I will delete it if he skips one day,” MrBeast said.

Airrack aims to end his month of travels by landing in New York City on New Year’s Eve.

Thus far, Airrack has uploaded videos from Ireland, the UK, France, Switzerland, and Italy — all of which he tried to cross in a completely straight line.

For now, it looks like Airrack is making good on his promise, but there’s no telling if he’ll be able to make it through all thirty days while uploading consistently, especially with the pressure of MrBeast’s finger on the trigger of his channel.

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